Jori Finkel is a great reporter, writer, and ideas person. Remember when she tangled with cruise ships selling art to passengers? That was back when she was working for the New York Times from her home base in LA.

Knowing how good she was, the LA Times snapped her up full-time, and for several years now, her work in LA has been measured, thorough, and slyly unconventional, the perfect counterpoint to Christopher Knight's balls-out criticism.

Strapped for cash, the LA Times has let her go in another round of layoffs. But more than a dozen museum directors—basically, everybody who runs a museum in Southern California—are protesting. They sent a letter yesterday to the editor of the Times, and they started a petition asking that the position be reinstated.

Like Culturegrrl, I don't think Finkel needs this job, but LA does need her—and at the very least, the city deserves an art reporter.

I signed the petition. Maybe you want to consider signing, too.