Sharknado 2: The Quality Inn & Suites at Seattle Center Coming to a Theater Near You: Your Friday Morning News


How drunk do you have to be to think that getting into a murky pool is a good idea?
So a guy begins to flail around in an indoor pool despite 'being a good swimmer'. His friend, who cannot swim, goes to the front desk for help. Instead of finding someone who can fetch the man from the pool, they call 911 and firefighters poke at the water with sticks (nobody here can swim?) for 15 minutes and then give up. 3 hours later we realize the guy's still in the pool and begin CPR.

What the fuck?
How drunk do you have to be to properly enjoy Sharknado?
@3 - 4 vodka tonics was not enough.....,
Mia farrow looks happier than Phillip Roth, or wait, does he have a Mona Lisa grin going on?
I swam in that pool with about 50 post-bout rollergirls (and a bunch of empty beer cans) back in '06. I don't think it ever recovered.
I think "murky" is a little bit of an understatement. Can't see an adult Ethiopian at the bottom of an 8 foot indoor pool?
@7, that's what I don't get. "Look how you can't see the bottom of this shitty-ass pool! Let's jump in!" And the detail that when the retired firefighter finally poked enough to find the body THERE WERE STILL PEOPLE IN THAT FUCKING POOL SWIMMING AROUND.
@4 - When is it ever?
The needless drowning notwithstanding (as if there were a needful drowning) is announced on the front page of Seattle Times: MAN DIES IN HOTEL POOL WITH SPOTTY RECORD. A well-trained journalism student would be asked: Who has the spotty record, the man, the hotel or the pool? Jesus Blethen!
I really wish Barack would stop texting me about playing hoops, I hate having to say no when he does a secret fly by into Boeing.

Seriously. I know the job's a lot of pressure, but ...
@3 @4 try making pitchers of Margaritas, those are perfect.
I drank a pitcher of Margaritas once. I spent the next couple of hours in the bar's bathroom, convinced I could speak fluent Spanish.
But according to Slog conventional wisdom, I thought things like this only happened in Tulsa.
Because guns really do make you safer:…
@16: Breitbart? That's the best you can do?
Yeah, I'm sure they just made up the story.
@17: Yes that's why the U.S. has a much lower crime rate than Canada, oh wait that's wrong.

Pitchers of Margaritas? why not just Tequila (or any other Mescal) neat?
Or better yet how about Jim Beam neat?
Or if you must mix how about a Manhattan, or a Martini?
Cool to know that sharks growl like lions when they're out of the water.
Oh, and also there were pro-democracy protests in Egypt involving hundreds of thousands of people.

I guess Jen Graves isn't interested in massive pro-democracy street protests in Egypt anymore?