JK Rowling Is Not the Only Author to Use a Pseudonym


Not to forget Gore Vidal = Edgar Box
I've wondered about Paul Constant. Ansel herz is kind of an odd name too. But I wonder too much. The names of some of the other interns in the past have been pretty crazy too. ONE at least TWO? has to be fake? Who was that guy who used to write the Stranger intro? J Gordon Liddy? F. Scott Hoover? Eh, doesn't matter. Kind of like the mystery. We put sooooooo much emphasis on names anyhow, above substance. Restaurants, streets, cities, flowers, schools, yadd yadda yadsda yadda. It's rather sickening. I propose No Name Day - no one mentions a name. Yeah right, my ideas - too Platonic Ideal.

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And once again, Constant completely, utterly misses and/or avoids the point. Rowling is a woman author. Successful or not, she's long used her initials -- and in this case used a man's name -- because everybody knows boys don't buy books written by girls.

A pseudonym...who uses those?


@4 - Sales of my internet comments aren't quite up to the level of Rowling's books.
The Long Walk.
Isaac Asimov wrote several books under a pseudonym, but that was before he became famous. From what I understand, most Romance authors use pseudonyms. I remember hearing about a writer a few years ago who wrote novels in several different genres, and used a different pseudonym for each genre.

So I guess it doesn't surprise me or bother me that Rowling used a pseudonym. At this point everything she writes will be compared to the Harry Potter series. A pseudonym allows her to write something without all that baggage. If I was her, I'd probably do the same thing.