It seems that Seattle's tallest skyscraper, the 76-story Columbia Center, is not a friend of Dorothy. Slog tipper Michael reports that during lunch at the Columbia Center today, he attempted to use the building's free wifi to check several news sites—including gay-friendly blogs like Joe. My. God and Towleroad, as well as the It Gets Better Project—only to find the content blocked. Instead, his screen displayed this message:

"This is a known 'Sexual Orientation' web site which is blocked as specified by your web content filtering policy."

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Well, that seems troubling.

Michael reports that Slog loaded fine, so evidently we're not gay enough to register on the Columbia Center's Kinsey scale (sob!). I've placed calls and emails to the CAC Group, the commercial real estate company that manages the Columbia Center, to find out what exactly why they have a "sexual orientation" web filter and what the fuck it means. I'll update if/when I hear back.