Hotel Workers' Union Sends Pro-McGinn Mailer to 38,000 Women Voters


Goldy, you're such a McGinn whore. Do you knees ever get tired?
I think it's just darling. Wiki suggests that union's once again an AFL-CIO affiliate after SEIU failed to absorb it, having to return to UNITE HERE its Manhattan headquarters and $75 million worth of assets.

It's what McGinn is all about.

Not Fear like some others I could mention.
@1 I'm bored. Isn't it time for you to change pseudonyms again?
38,000? That's a lot of binders!
Smart targeting. Men typically don't care about women's lives.
Hmm. What does that 'Hmm' even mean? Hmm.

Are women targeted on the theory they'll identify with undercompensated housekeepers?

Are they targeted to counterbalance the effect of recent news re unequal compensation received by women in City of Seattle government employ?

And why emphasize the all-immigrant status and countries of origin of the five individual signatories?

Goldy, if you're bored on your knees, ask McGinn if it would be o.k. to change positions!
@6 Yes, yes, all men are misogynist animal murderers. Clearly I could give less than a shit about my wife or daughter. Don't you have some vegan trolling to do next?
I received one of these letters last week. I usually throw out any political junk mail without even reading it -- it just goes right in the recycling bin. But this did not overtly look like a political ad, so (1) they got me to read it. (2) It's short and sweet. (3) It's written by real people, which also catches my eye. (At least, I hope they're real and this isn't all made up.)

Anyway, the ad had its desired effect on me (although I was leaning toward McGinn anyway, since Murray's been acting like a weasel during the campaign.)

Go ahead and flame away, all of you manly supreme beings.
Yep, this lady got one. And I still voted for Murray.
I don't like McGinn as mayor, and I think this is a little too cutesy, but this mailer won't hurt him.
Mrs. Fnarf got this. It had a weird silk-screened cloth thingie in it, which I've never seen in a mailer before, but I liked it a lot. And I really like hotel housekeepers; they bust their butts for not much pay. I think it's a smart mailer andan effective one, both from and to underserved constituencies. My Murray mailer was tragically identical to the thousands I've received over the years, and got tossed without looking at it.
@7, I think the women were targeted because McGinn's desperate consultants needed to try look like they were doing something smart, or strategic, or vibrant, or world-class.
@13, I wonder if the cloth thingie was meant as flair for recipients following the suggestion to hang it in their workplace?
I can't help myself: "we can better support our families." There I fixed it.
@10 - it may be signed by real people, but I guarantee you that it was not written by the signers. Sure, real people wrote it - political consultants and pr consultants are people too, but it's not these signers.
Of the five named signatories, one appears to be a registered voter. Hmm.
@17 -- Obviously. But what I meant was I hope the people named are actual people and not just some made-up names and bios to sucker all of us warm-hearted ladies.
The part that bugs me is that it probably was not written by the signers but is written as though that is the case. But whatever, it’s unique. Murray has done more for the underserved as a legislator than McGinn as mayor but he also has more years under his belt for these accomplishments. That said, I give McGinn’s pac a plus mark for this ad.
@18 Um, perhaps that's because so many of these housekeepers are recent immigrants, who haven't yet qualified for citizenship. Hmm.

I once hopped a ride on a Local 8 chartered bus to a protest in Olympia. These housekeepers are mostly minority, predominantly immigrant, and almost entirely female. They work long hours for little pay. At one point we took turns introducing ourselves, and one of the questions was, "What are you doing this weekend?" I may have been the only person on the bus who didn't answer: "Working."
That's funny, the same 5 women wrote to my grandmother. Their poor hands slaving away to sign 38,000 of those for McGinn.

Another site said they were made in Sacramento... as in "you can't have our NBA team McGinn/Hansen" land.
@18 Nowhere did it say that the signatories weren't registered voters. Being from another country doesn't mean they weren't naturalized later.
@5, you made me laugh so hard I got a dirty look!

I hope I get one!
@23 -- Washington State voter rolls say 4 of the 5 weren't registered voters. The 5th has a common enough name that there are 5 of her on the state rolls - but if it's the Seattle voter of the same name, she's 97 years old.
Hrm, if only there were a certain office that was informed of who is registered to vote, what their signatures looked like, and maybe was informed by candidates where money and other in kind contributions were going during elections..... I bet that office would love to respond to the voting public about if mailings are legit or just truth-y.
Goldy @ 21 -- That's all very true ... but it's also very true that political acts (like endorsements) of citizens and electors in the affected jurisdiction generally carry more weight with the voting public.

They couldn't sign up a single Seattle voter ... or they didn't bother? Hmm.
@7 & @14, Women were probably targeted because polling has shown that Murray does better with women than McGinn.

Is there a need to speculate further?
The mailer also contained a fabric "gift" - a piece of canvas printed with a message saying something to the effect that hotel rooms are cleaned for the visitors of the world by women from around the world. The fabric did not mention McGinn. Overall, I found the whole thing odd and did not like how it implied the the five signatories paid for the whole thing themselves
@21/Goldy, you pompous ol' McGinn catamite, can't you come up with a better set of lies? You're slipping!
I'd heard about this piece but hadn't seen it until now. I think it's quite nice.

This speculation of whether they're voters and therefore whether they're legitimate is pretty dumb. They were clearly chosen due to their immigrant backgrounds (or at least that's what was intended to be communicated). Given how many US-born citizens aren't even registered to vote, I don't know why one would necessarily assume they should or must be registered voters, or even naturalized citizens.

Heck, I've even met a couple immigrants that are working residents of Seattle and aren't registered to vote but have volunteered or other shown their support for the McGinn campaign. I've met volunteer immigrants on other campaigns as well. There are a lot of people -- under 18, immigrant workers, etc -- who are more passionate about effecting change in this country than their well-to-do adult citizen counterparts.

But please, let's sift through voter rolls. There's something to prove here, I just know it!
@28, it'll be interesting to see if McShithead survives the primary. If he does, Murray is going to crush him. Which won't be all that much of a victory, given that Murray is just as stupid and corrupt at McShithead. But at least the word will go out that there's only so far someone even in this city can go to suck up to the bicycle nazis and the developers.
Great! Let's have a New York union (hmm, where's McShithead from again?) sends a mailer quoting a bunch of people who probably aren't even from Seattle telling us who our mayor should be. Just imagine the squeals if, say, Wal-Mart or Whole Foods had sent a pro-Steinbrueck mailer signed by a bunch of their workers.
@33/NotFans/whoever you are this week, the hotels didn't send this out; the union did. So your analogy to Wal-Mart or Whole Foods is stupid.
Higher wages, paid sick leave, and getting more respect is due to McGinn ? I'd think "union negotiation, city council voted 8-1 and McGinn just signed it into law, and maybe McGinn should make kitten videos be cuter while he influences how people treat hotel staff on a city-wide basis."
sarah70, you stupid bitch, read my posting. It didn't say that that hotels sent it out.
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