I get the willies every time I hear Obama utter that phrase. In a speech at an Amazon.com distribution facility in Tennessee today, President Obama will propose a "Grand Bargain" on middle class jobs, which would slash corporate tax rates as part of a larger reform package. Because nothing helps the middle class like slashing corporate tax rates.

Prison break. Taliban fighters disguised as police officers and armed with bombs, broke 250 prisoners out of a jail in Pakistan, including dozens of senior Taliban fighters and commanders.

Even better, we recommend that you should quit smoking! For the first time, a government panel is recommending annual CT scans to screen for lung cancer in people who have smoked the equivalent of a pack a day for 30 years.

The only kind of inflation that everybody cheers. Average US home prices rose in May by 12.2 percent, the largest 12-month gain in seven years.

Free market capitalism at work! JP Morgan Chase will pay $410 million to settle charges that it manipulated energy markets between 2010 and 2012.

Big Nope. A state appellate court has upheld a lower court's ruling that New York City's ban on large sugary drinks is unconstitutional.

Damn guvmint! About 1,500 firefighters are now battling two major wildfires that continue to spread across Central Washington.

Because they're soooo progressive! The Seattle City Council has voted down a bill that would have legalized and regulated homeless encampments like Nickelsville, arguing that "we can do better," without actually providing any means or suggestion of how to, you know, do better.

Maybe he wasn't hit hard enough? Seattle City Council member Richard Conlin broke his right shoulder blade when his bicycle collided with a car making a sudden U-turn. Conlin, who has not supported efforts to increase spending on safer bikeways, says that the collision has not changed his views on bike policy.

Don't worry. It's only a theory. A new climate change study predicts that 1,700 US cities and towns, including New York, Boston, and Miami, will have at least 25 percent of their population living below the high-water mark by the end of the century.

Potty mouth. Chinese researchers have described a new technique that could regenerate human teeth from stem cells isolated from urine.

He's a sad clown. Gilberton, Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler, who has said "Democrats are the most vile creatures in this country," has called a local radio reporter "a communist cocksucker," and who released an F-bomb laden YouTube video in which he talks about shooting a “libtard out of a tree,” is blaming the media for making him out to be "some kind of circus clown, deranged lunatic."

Perhaps he should use a different target? A Michigan man is recovering from non-life threatening injuries after shooting himself in the genitals during target practice.

And finally, evil genius Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how to defeat Superman: