People for Ed Murray, the independent political action committee (PAC) that has raised over $100,000 in unlimited contributions and pledges on behalf of Ed Murray's mayoral bid, has sent the following mailer to 47,000 Seattle voters:

Seattle is great! Thats why Im voting to kick out the incumbent!
  • People for Ed Murray
  • "Seattle is great! That's why I'm voting to kick out the incumbent!"

So, a few observations. 1) It's a boring, conventional political mailer that looks like all the other boring, conventional political mailers flooding our mailboxes these days. 2) It's totally vague (at least, the side I can see), failing to specify a single policy goal. 3) The central theme of "Seattle is a great place [with] good jobs, strong schools and safe streets and parks," is hardly an argument for kicking out the incumbent.

And 4) Isn't it a bit unseemly for an "independent expenditure" on behalf of Murray—one which Murray and his campaign is legally prohibited from coordinating with—to feature Adam Bartz, the executive director of the Washington Senate Democratic Campaign, a committee Murray co-chairsed?

So for the sake of full disclosure, I'd like to suggest the following minor edits (in bold) to the mailer's copy:

"Seattle is a great place to raise our family. It's a vibrant and diverse city with strong neighborhoods.

We need a leader who will keep Seattle family-friendly with good jobs, strong schools and safe streets and parks.


He shares our progressive values, has proven he can bring people together to move Seattle forward, and he signs my paychecks.


Still boring and conventional, but a tad more informative.

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UPDATE: I'm told that Murray was involved in hiring Bartz, but has since stepped down as a co-chair. Accuracy!

UPDATE, UPDATE: FYI, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce's PAC has now given $47,000 to People for Ed Murray, bringing the aggregate total of business group money in the PAC to $77,000. He's their guy.