A new political action committee (PAC) supporting the reelection of Mayor Mike McGinn has launched a $21,000 $19,000 radio and internet campaign featuring working women. Working Families for Mayor McGinn is paid for by grocery store workers, hotel workers, machinists, and laborers, represented by local labor unions UFCW 21, Unite Here 8, Machinists 751 and Laborers 1239.

"I voted for Mayor Mike McGinn because he gets it," says Boeing retiree and Greenlake grandmother Helen Lowe in one radio ad. "Seattle needs more good-paying jobs.”

This comes on top of the $50,000 already spent by Unite Here's national parent. By comparison, People for Ed Murray, a PAC largely funded by business organizations, has raised over $100,000 to spend on Murray's behalf.

UPDATE: I had originally reported $21,000 in expenditures, but Seattle Ethics and Elections tells me that a glitch in their system resulted in a $10,500 expenditure being listed twice. Working Families for Mayor McGinn tells me that the PAC has raised $19,000 in contributions: $15,000 from UFCW 21, $2,000 from Machinists 751, and $1,000 each from Laborers 1239 and Unite Here Local 8.