This week’s short film is not a short film but a web series called “The Coffee Table” by the playwright, director, and, to use the words of the popular blog io9, Seattle's geek auteur, Scotto Moore. What it is: 15 4-minute episodes that bring together the universes of “Doctor Who [and] Greatest American Hero.” What it’s about: An alien coffee table that transports a middle-class American family from this dimension into another (the void). The big picture: It is a comedy and not a comedy; it’s serious and not serious; it is cheesy and not cheesy; it is intellectual and not intellectual; it is silly and not silly—that’s the kind of wonderful zone we enter in Moore’s new work. The series also has great performances (LaChrista Borgers, Pamala Mijatov, Jen Moon, Evan Mosher, Jonah Von Spreecken) and good low-budget special effects by Web Crowell, who is also working on a web series. The ending is a bit sad.