On vacation, but... had to post this email:


I just wanted to thank you.

American Savage has actually helped me to want to make my faith stronger. I'm a white, Christian female with several gay family members and friends. I doubted my faith for quite some time, for Christians were quick to say that "God hates the homosexuals, and they'll all burn in hell!" How could that be when I was taught to love all people and God loves everyone? Your book has helped me to realize that I don't think it's the religion that is the problem, just the people, like Rick Santorum, who think they are religion, and every word they say is endorsed by God. Sorry, Rick, but you're just an asshole.

My faith gives me the hope I need to get through everything, and your words have helped me to want to show people that not all Christians are self righteous idiots.

Thanks again,

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