Where Do You Think Comments Should Go?


@98: Oh and get this! He's over in the other thread claiming he doesn't use feminist as a perjorative, bless his heart.
@100: Did you indeed! I must check this out.
@99 undead_ayn_rand I meant that, had I hidden all his comments 5 months ago, I would have lost his current metamorphosis from ugly troll commenter to genuine commenter. Which would have been a shame, since it's now nothing short of a source of marvelling for me.

Fun poking aside, I do enjoy seeing him firmly now on the path of making sense, even though I doubt I'm going to agree with him on all points. But him being able to change helps me not becoming a misanthrope.

I can understand though, that my current opinion of Hunter78 may not be shared by you.
@ 102, I don't even know who this person is. Does he comment more on Stranger articles than Slog?
@103 I don't follow him really, but he's a regular on Dan Savage's articles, true.
@102: I'm just saying that all the worthless stuff would be voted into oblivion, but that'd be irrelevant to saying anything reasonable.
A kaleidoscope of navel gazing.

Lets set up a blue ribbon commission to define the scope for a panel of experts to review this soon.
Threading is generally a terrible UI and makes conversations less readable and sensible. I find it much harder to follow things when they are breaking off into 40 little threads and people don't even bother saying who/what they are replying to because "it's threaded! Can't you see who I'm talking to?" The only threaded blog I follow is Seattle Transit Blog, and I don't like it there either... Give me MetaFilter any day instead. (And this is probably why I liked Citadel BBSes which weren't threaded either. And my default view on Slashdot is flat.)

I don't see the ability to ignore tangents to be worth screwing up the readability of the comments entirely, but obviously some folks feel differently.