Bar Sajor is Matt Dillon's gorgeous and great new restaurant in Pioneer Square, but Matt Dillon also runs the (gorgeous, great) Corson Building and (ditto) Sitka & Spruce, and he is only one human. At Bar Sajor, Edouardo Jordan is Dillon's right-hand man—his co-conspirator de cuisine, Dillon says.

Edouardo would like you to know that he was a Florida Gator (meaning he attended the University of Florida); he then went to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Tampa. His first restaurant job was at a Bennigan's, as a server. From there, his career could be fairly described as meteoric, at least for the restaurant business, including a stint at Mise en Place in Tampa, where Marty Blitz was his first mentor; an extended stage at the French Laundry, where Mark Bodinet, now the chef at Copperleaf near Sea-Tac, took him under his wing; time at the Herbfarm, where he first met Matt Dillon; then Per Se and Lincoln in New York; and back to Seattle to work with Dillon at Sitka & Spruce and, now, Bar Sajor.

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If none of that means anything to you, the caliber of cooking Edouardo does at Bar Sajor will—you do not get much more up-and-coming in the world of food than this. He would want Eddie Murphy to play him in a movie, or Wesley Snipes—he says he kind of looks like Wesley Snipes, and his wife agrees.

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