No wonder Boeing is fleeing Washington State and our quarrelsome, lazy, unproductive union workers for the free market paradise that is the "Right to Work" South:

Boeing's South Carolina facility is running behind projections and won't make its goal of producing three 787 Dreamliners a month by the end of 2013. In fact, the Everett plant will have to make up the difference in order for the company to reach its overall goal of 10 jetliners a month by year's end.

Remember, Boeing's decision to build that 787 line in South Carolina was not an economic one. Indeed, according to internal company documents:

Boeing determined that choosing the Everett line would result in lower start-up costs, faster ramp-up, higher productivity, and a simplified supply chain, whereas a Charleston line would introduce further production delays, dilute workforce skills, and result in a "negative impact to 787 program profitability." That is, moving the line would cost $1.5 billion up front, plus reduced earnings on one-third of the 787 backlog, according to Boeing's own internal numbers. The only consistent advantage attributed to Charleston was the ability to "leverage" the site placement decision toward "rebalancing an unbalanced and uncompetitive labor relationship."

Boeing's unionized Washington workforce is more productive and more profitable. And Boeing knew that when it moved production to South Carolina. But fuck unions, you know, because!