...and a whole bunch of other important stuff, in this essay published by the Seattle Gay News.

A small excerpt:

Being Gay, likewise, was not something I understood. The word pedik was most commonly used. It was an equivalent of 'faggot' but also meant 'pedophile.' Judging by the context of how others used it I quickly figured out that being a pedik was absolutely the worst thing in the world. I've heard both my peers and adults say that pediks are viler than serial killers and that anyone admitting to be one deserves to die a terrible death. At school and around my friends, pedik was used in every conversation, to demean or dehumanize anyone you didn't like. Yet with all the references to pediks, I also felt like they didn't really exist. I didn't know of a single one.

Occasionally there were rumors of foreign celebrities being homosexual but these rumors were quickly dismissed. Freddy Mercury was a great example. Being the most popular man in Russia during my childhood (imagine the fan bases of Elvis, Madonna, and the Rolling Stones combined), Mercury was quickly stripped of his Gayness by Russian media and public opinion, who claimed that the rumors were either untrue or that his homosexual tendencies were simply the result of his drug abuse (he was a good boy - he couldn't possibly be one of the pediks they hated so much).

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