So sometimes, numbers just leap out at me. Like these obviously wrong mayoral PAC figures from today's Seattle Times:

Murray led all candidates with $425,000 plus an additional $57,000 in independent expenditures, mostly from the political arm of the Chamber.

McGinn raised $285,000 plus a crucial $65,000 in PAC money from the hospitality workers union, Unite Here Local 8, and the grocery workers union, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21.

First of all, that's a pretty unfair apples-to-oranges juxtaposition, comparing pro-Murray expenditures to pro-McGinn contributions. And second, it understates pro-Murray expenditures by more than half.

I emailed the Seattle Times' Lynn Thompson and Jim Brunner to ask how they arrived at those numbers, and Brunner quickly wrote back:

Hm – that Murray figure is too low. I’d reported it at $128k in a story over the weekend and it’s more than that now. Will fix it. Thanks.

Huh. I know it can be tedious, but perhaps the Seattle Times' editors might want to start reading the Seattle Times.

Brunner is a reliable reporter, so I'll assume this was an honest error (and probably not his). When you're working with numbers, this sorta thing sometimes happens. But it's a shame that so many Seattle Times readers—particularly those of the print edition—are going to get the wrong impression of which candidate relied more on unlimited PAC spending to get them through the primary.