I'm on vacation, but I read this Seattle Times editorial anyway, because I'm a fucking idiot:

Ed Murray should take a page from defeated rival Peter Steinbrueck and champion Seattle’s maritime and manufacturing interests.

First of all, there's the truly bizarre political advice of telling the guy who came in first with 30 percent of the vote that he "should take a page" from the campaign of the guy who came in third with only 16 percent. That's just plain stupid.

And second, opposing a Sodo arena is not the equivalent of championing maritime and manufacturing interests.

For all the kvetching from the editors about the disastrous impact an arena might have on the port, they've done little to explain the actual freight mobility and land use issues raised by maritime interests. I have. And I came away unconvinced. Furthermore, while they lazily repeat their earlier warnings that "putting another pro sports venue so close to Terminal 46 could undermine the maritime and industrial future of Seattle," the editors appear to have forgotten that in the months since they first raised this concern, Hanjin Shipping struck a deal to extend its Terminal 46 lease through 2025 with an option through 2035, despite being fully aware that a Memorandum of Understanding was in place to build a new arena nearby. So much for playing the T46 card.

No doubt the cargo operations at the Port are facing an existential crisis, but the proposed arena isn't it. So until the Seattle Times starts editorializing about the larger competitive problems facing Seattle's maritime industry, I'll just presume that their relentless shilling against the arena is more an effort to push it into their beloved Bellevue than it is a serious defense of good-paying union jobs.