This is Tammie Gifford.

Tammie cuts my hair. She's been cutting my hair for 15 years now. And Tammie Gifford is not an elderly Korean lady. Obviously, right? And Tammie speaks English perfectly. Now why would anyone think Tammie is an elderly Korean lady who speaks very little English? Now that's a funny story—a story that involves a slightly misanthropic Seattle-based, nationally syndicated advice columnist, a hair salon on Third Avenue in downtown Seattle, a chance walk-in haircut a decade and a half ago, two copies of People Magazine, and 30 minutes of blessed silence.

Tammie recently made the move up to Capitol Hill after working for nearly 20 years at that salon in Seattle's business district. She's cutting hair at Emerson Salon on Pike these days. Some of her downtown clients were office workers who can't make the trek up the hill and so Tammie is working to rebuild her client base. So, hey, if you're between hairdressers right now and you're looking for someone to cut your hair—your male hair or your female hair—give Tammie a try. She's great. You can make an appointment to see her by calling 206-323-7437.

Added bonus: If you make an appointment to see Tammie, she'll tell why some people think she's an elderly Korean lady who speaks very little English. It's a funny story.