When I passed Med Mix the day before its back was destroyed by a fire...


...I saw this situation through its front windows: a short young black woman (blue cap, white shirt) taking an order from a tall old black man, who seemed caught between being certain about wanting one thing on the menu but uncertain about his feelings for something else. The next day, that young black woman would be out of a job because someone apparently decided that burning down her place of employment was the best way to protest the two-decade long gentrification of the CD. Danny Westneat:
Cameras captured a masked figure spray-painting the words “4 Pratt and Trayv” on the wall before pouring gas on the Med Mix building and lighting it. The fire burned the rear of the restaurant and left the rest with water and smoke damage.

I suppose the young black woman (who was not the only black person to work at this business, which is owned by a Moroccan, Otmane Bezzaz) is just a victim of the revolution. Remember, you can't make an omelet without breaking the eggs.

I really do hope there's more to this sad story than what's contained in this video...

If you want to show some support during Otmane Bezzaz's time of trouble, visit his other joint, Mediterranean Mix, in Pioneer Sqaure.