Morning News: Egypt, Bullets, Bad Jokes, and Doritos


I took a look in my old yearbooks, on average 38 kids per class. I guess they just had more grit back then.
Lew @1: the fact that higher class sizes have existed does not make them good for teachers or students.
I can't help but laugh at the idea of a "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape", knowing full well that there is no way it would not cause some offense.

@1 Your anecdote would only work if a significant portion of people here believed you represented a positive educational outcome.
@2, I would say Lew's steady stream of poorly thought out observations, which betray an inability to comprehend things which don't conform to his biases, present a good argument for class size reduction.
Wow. I knew Russell Simmons wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that's a special, limited edition flavor kind of dumb.
Doritos for pot heads. ha ha. hilarious. 'cause, like, it's soooo true, maaaan.

Keep up all the stoner stereotypes and pot will be accepted by the mundanes in no time, I'm sure of it. *rolls eyes*

I've said it before and I'll say it again... the worst enemies to the legalization of pot are the pot smokers. Marijuana probably would have been legalized years ago, if only the stoners had just stayed out of it.
Someone tell me again why a convicted rapist is back on the streets one year later?
What @7 said. I read the article attached. Sounds like the first girl he raped got slut-shamed and victim-blamed, and that somehow (it isn't clear) led to this guy not being behind bars. I'm confused by the story and outraged.
@7 Gee Jeremy D. Ondracek had "only" 45 court records in the State of Washington, not including the felonies in Oklahoma. You are so quick to toss away the key when it comes to offenders, compared to the various departments of justice and corrections in Washington state.

Whatever subpopulations qualify for the unlimited "catch and release" program in a few states, Jeremy D. Ondracek seems to be a member of them.
They should have kept Morsi. Even incompetence is better than civil war.
@10 I haven't been keeping notes, but wasn't the big complaint with Morsi that he was re-writing the constitution on the fly to give his office all the powers?
Reduce class sizes? Easy. Pass Charter Schools initiatives, more home schooling programs, and stop this condescending elitist one-model-fits-all approach to public education. It's also racist too. White elitists know that blacks will never be able to afford their private schools so their tots are safe.
The End Game

In researching the extreme extradition against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange (and the state assaults against other WikiLeaks-affiliated people, Jacob Appelbaum, Ms. Jonsdottir, etc.) together with the suicide of Aaron Swartz, and recent auto accident of Michael Hastings, the common item which keeps appearing is a cyber security/cyber attack firm called Endgame Systems.

Whatever each was involved with --- Aaron with coordinating global political activities to stop SOPA and other such anti-network neutrality (network independence) legislation; Michael Hastings' investigation into the NSA and related activities; WikiLeaks and Assange work against the anti-network neutrality forces --- the company, Endgame Systems. appears on the periphery.

First popping up in the (Anonymous-) hacked HBGary emails (HBGary was the cyber security firm attempting to promote business by running disinformation campaigns and misinformational attacks against Assange, WikiLeaks and Anonymous), the business of Endgame Systems appears to be selling software (anti-malware products, etc.) with trojans, i.e., backdoor entrances, built into it, as well as their better-known Bonesaw product, allowing specific IP targeting at an individual level and subsequent cyber attacks.

This firm, with the president of the CIA venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel, on its board of directors, as well as a former director of the DIA, and a former VP of Lehman Brothers, is one seriously connected firm obsessed with keeping as low a profile as possible.

Their end game is selling the software to provide the ultimate end game in cyber warfare.


Bonesaw is a “cyber targeting application” that tracks servers and routers worldwide, mapping the hardware attached to the Web. These are the access points through which the National Security Agency, Cyber Command and other U.S. agencies, could launch operations against adversaries and threats...

Endgame’s Bonesaw is marketed to U.S. intelligence agencies and large companies. It doesn’t hide its offensive capabilities as a tool for launching cyber weapons.

Marketing documents say “the Bonesaw platform provides a complete environment for intelligence analysts and mission planners to take a holistic approach to target discovery, reducing the time to create actionable intelligence and operational plans from days to minutes.”

“Bonesaw is the ability to map, basically every device connected to the Internet and what hardware and software it is,” says a company official who requested anonymity. The official points out that the firm doesn’t launch offensive cyber ops, it just helps." Nate Fick, Endgame Systems CEO

" The Bonesaw platform provides a complete environment for intelligence analysts and mission planners to take a holistic approach to target discovery – reducing the time to create actionable intelligence and operation plans from days to minutes. Analysts of all experience levels can deploy and quickly use Bonesaw to aggregate data from disparate sources and formats into a single intuitive user interface.……

In 2011 as part of The Anonymous attack on HBGary Federal information about private companies such as Endgame systems who design offensive software for the Department of Defense were revealed. It was shown that Endgame systems job applicants had previously "managed team of 15 persons, responsible for coordinating offensive computer network operations for the United States Department of Defense and other federal agencies."…

Endgame Systems, a company with almost no public footprint were also thrust into the spotlight, when several of their previously well-guarded reports and company presentations were shared amongst the emails.

So what exactly do the secretive Endgame Systems do? The company started by ex ISS and CIA executives promises (in private) "to provide our customers with the highest quality offensive CNA/CNE (Computer Network Attack/Computer Network Exploitation) software in the world".

Their leaked PowerPoint deck advertises subscriptions of $2,500,000 per year for access to 0day exploits, with slightly more affordable "intelligence feeds" effectively selling information on vulnerable servers by geographic region.…

As researcher Barrett Brown revealed, "Team Themis was a consortium made up of HBGary, Palantir, and Berico (with Endgame Systems serving as a 'silent partner' and providing assistance from the sidelines) that was set up in order to provide offensive intelligence capabilities to private clients."

Although Endgame Systems "went dark" after Anonymous released thousands of HBGary files, The Register disclosed that the firm "helps US intelligence identify and hack into vulnerable networks, and is targeting a similar role in Britain's nascent national cyber security operations."

The Register noted that the "limited publicly information currently available on the firm hints at its further role assisting clandestine government cyber operations by identifying targets and developing exploits."

As BusinessWeek revealed, the firm is "a major supplier of digital weaponry for the Pentagon. It offers a smorgasbord of wares, from vulnerability assessments to customized attack technology, for a dizzying array of targets in any region of the world."…

According to Defense News’ C4ISR Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek, Endgame also offers its intelligence clients—agencies like Cyber Command, the NSA, the CIA, and British intelligence—a unique map showing them exactly where their targets are located. Dubbed Bonesaw, the map displays the geolocation and digital address of basically every device connected to the Internet around the world, providing what’s called network situational awareness. The client locates a region on the password-protected web-based map, then picks a country and city— say, Beijing, China. Next the client types in the name of the target organization, such as the Ministry of Public Security’s No. 3 Research Institute, which is responsible for computer security—or simply enters its address, 6 Zhengyi Road. The map will then display what software is running on the computers inside the facility, what types of malware some may contain, and a menu of custom-designed exploits that can be used to secretly gain entry. It can also pinpoint those devices infected with malware, such as the Conficker worm, as well as networks turned into botnets and zombies— the equivalent of a back door left open.
Bonesaw also contains targeting data on US allies, and it is soon to be upgraded with a new version codenamed Velocity, according to C4ISR Journal. It will allow Endgame’s clients to observe in real time as hardware and software connected to the Internet around the world is added, removed, or changed.

And an exemplary conspiracy theory which may be very close to the actual truth:…

@12 so the solution is subsidize the whites' private schools? That's about as dumb as the idea of you being concerned about racism.
Key and Peele did a little Harriet Tubma bit, but the whole thing was just a "free running" pun— silly and harmless, but also one of the weakest sketches they've done.

I only bring it up because whoever wrote the Tubman bit on Simmons' channel is not only tone-deaf, but a hack.
@14: The subsidy goes to tuition vouchers for whatever school it is used for. There is not a direct subsidy from the government to the private school.

Opening up opportunities combats racism, instead of harboring poor people in the only model available to them.
@16 And have you forgotten that landmark study already? The one revealing that nearly three-fourth of all charter schools underperform compared to public schools?

But do go on beating your drum of stupidity and bigotry. Ladies and gentlemen, your republican party at woek.
@17: School performance does not negate the need for choices. There are poorer charter schools and better public schools, and the reverse is true.
You can't stand to allow the dumb masses to have choices, can you?