From the Everett Herald:

State elections officials noticed something fishy when they began reviewing signatures to place a referendum on gay marriage on the 2012 ballot. The handwriting seemed remarkably similar on many of the petitions for Referendum 74. They spotted a pattern that led back to one paid signature gatherer — Julie A. Klein, 54, of Marysville.

Her petitions—more than 50 in all—were separated from the stacks for a closer look. Of the 1,001 signatures she submitted, 834 did not match the handwriting on file of registered voters.

Klein allegedly told a State Patrol detective that she was facing financial hardship and needed money “to keep the lights on.” She allegedly admitted finding names in the phone book.

Ms. Klein now faces felony charges for her alleged tampering with democracy.

Thank you, inadvertent Slog tipper Cherry Canoe.