Happy Birthday, Chris Pine!


Chris Pine is the worst Kirk ever.

That includes the brother Kirk on one of the OS episodes, as well as David Marcus in the films.
Bottom one on my screen.
Chris Pine gives good face.
@1, the brother you mention DIDN'T even appear on screen! He was killed before the Enterprise could make it to the planet where the flying parasites were killing everyone. Maybe you are thinking of Kirk's nephew?

And yeah...Chris Pine can't act to save his life

Then he's in good company with Shatner, and Zachary Quinto, for that matter.
Hemsworth and Pine look a little similar, but if you can't tell the difference between these people you may have some form of prosopagnosia (or perhaps an overactive snark gland).
@5...wait, wait...don't pull Zach Quinto into this. He's easily the best thing about the new Star Trek movies.
You are a very bad homo if you don't know who these men are.
Give me all 3 in an orgy. Hell, lets throw in Zach Quinto and Liam Hemsworth too.

They are all hot sexy men's and I wants to have teh sex with them.

But he's a terrible actor. His Spock is smug and smarmy. Although, since he's also hot, I can overlook it.

Considering the "brother Kirk" (Sam Kirk - i.e. Shatner with a mustache,) was already dead by the time we saw him on-screen, that's a pretty scathing indictment.


He actually DID appear very briefly on-screen (see my response above) early in the original airing of the first season closer "Operation: Annihilate", but the scene was later cut for syndication. CBS Digital has restored the scene (along with many others excised from episodes over the years) in the ST: Remastered series.
@8 Ironically, I don't.
I remember what his dad looked like. I watched CHiPs every week.
@13, Jesus Christ, that is his dad? Sgt. Getraer, Robert Pine? His is one of the most recognizable character actor faces ever, to those of us a certain age at least.
@13 That's really his dad? He's one of my favorite, "Hey! It's that guy!" actors.
Yikes. I guess I'm of "a certain age". I recognize Robert Pine too, but hadn't made the connection that Chris was his son.

Christ, I feel old.
The left one is Chris Evans, the right is Chris Hemsworth, and the bottom one is Chris Pine.

... and I've watched The Avengers way too many times to be healthy.