Four times a year? That's way too much. They must be neurotic or something.
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That's when they shower, too.
Your co-worker keeps a turd in her fridge.
This is perfectly acceptable, even fastidious, Withnail and I agree.
Jeff makes an excellent point.
You're supposed to change your sheets?
That's OK; the average British bachelorette sweats out a pound of chip oil a night when she comes visiting, so she's probably used to it, yeah?
British gentlemen, with their finer, vintage genetic stock, only sweat when playing an especially exciting game of cribbage or bridge. The rest of the time, we're dry as a bone, and smell slightly of a freshly baked loaf of bread.
My wife's reaction: "At least they use sheets." Apparently, during her dating years it was common for her to discover that her hot date didn't even bother to put sheets on his bed.
This is why Katy Perry left that Brit ..
I thought the smell of musk was appealing.
Bethany, if you'd post more pics on Slog of your beautiful self, I probably be inspired to change my sheets more often.
@9 A loaf of bread you're unable to eat due to your fine, vintage, genetically-defective British teeth. ;)

@9, smelling of bread means you have a yeast infection (see: candida, thrush). Do you have sores around your mouth that aren't the herpes?
Brits do not play croquet or bridge, they play competitive vomiting in the city center at midnight, and they don't smell of bread, they smell of sausage roll.
I did the math, and I came up with 17. What do I win?
@8 half a kilo of chip oil, rather. Unless you meant a pound (sterling) worth of chip oil.
I don't know about British men, but four times a year sounds about right based on the time I spent in Ireland. Lovely fellows, Irish dudes, but cleaning their bedlinens regularly just wasn't on their radar. A surprisingly large percentage of the 20-something fellows I knew took their clothes to their parents' homes for laundering and sheets definitely didn't make it into the wash bag.
When I first saw this article, I wondered if there was a cultural issue of people showering before going to bed vs. showering in the morning. That would seem to make a difference on how people view the cleanliness of their sheets. Regardless, once a quarter is ridiculous.
In defense of Irish dudes, the bedlinen-laundering habits of American dudes I have been able to observe are equally distressing. I particularly remember one young gentleman whose bedroom emitted a sweaty spunky odor that could be smelled down the hall. Even my own beloved and I are don't see eye-to-eye on sheet changes: I think they should be changed once a week; he doesn't notice if a month passes between changes.
My ex wore holes through sturdy cotton sheets... because dirt building up between the fibers increases the wear rate, you understand. I believe he may have washed them occasionally, but I'd be shocked if it were more than twice a year.

When I expressed my horror, he said that it had never been a problem before with the polyester sheets he bought for himself; it was only the cotton sheets I got for him that were the problem.

Y'know, being single and getting laid should affect the frequency of sheet changes. It is an indispensable courtesy to change the sheets after one woman and before the next.
I personally think eating animal corpses for a living is as gross as you can get, but I guess dirty sheets are slightly yucky too.
Mmmmmmm......animal corpses.....
Umm...I'm going to go eat the fuck out of an animal corpse right now! drool!

Admittedly, when I was single, I probably didn't wash my sheets once a month. But I don't think my spousal critter or I do so now, either, and I do take up the slack once in a while.
I am guessing its a lot less for American men.
i assume the guys who do it more often dont stay bachelors for long though so that makes the numbers a bit skewerd...

Sounds like a tourist's view of Central London. Half of those puking people are Aussie backpackers. And other tourists like you. Picking up a Mind the Gap t-shirt after visiting Tower bridge doesn't give you an insight into British people. Tourists. *eye roll*
In other words, straight guys get laid only 4 times a year.
@30 a lot less than that for many of them