Right on—Governor Inslee is standing with the fast-food workers:

That tweet will piss off conservatives. The righties and the libertarians have been fuming on Twitter all day that these workers are "lazy," unskilled "scumbags" who should have stayed in school to get a "real job," that this is nothing more than a union scam to make money, and that workers should be fired for striking. This Republican is the quintessential asshole of the day:

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Sorry, conservative concern trolls, Governor Inslee is right. The unions are in this to elevate economic prosperity for workers across various sectors. Manufacturing industries have collapsed, leaving people stuck in low-wage service jobs, and striking works: It was American strikers who brought us the eight-hour workday.

But this isn't a problem for Republicans, a party of a whiter, male-er, privileged class that's not subjected to these shitty working conditions. They want businesses to fatten up as much as possible by paying their workers as little as possible. They love this economic caste system. We should actually thank these right-wingers for something: They're showing us that this strike isn't just about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, this strike is also about overcoming America's cultural contempt of the low-wage worker.