Julie Chen is living the dream.

The backstory: As has been noted widely, the current season of Big Brother has been riddled with racism and homophobia, and this week, one of the prime offenders got booted from the Big Brother house and immediately passed off to show host Julie Chen, who's made no secret of her feelings about the shit coming out of contestants' mouths, and who politely grilled the freshly rejected Aaryn Gries before a feisty studio audience. You may watch video of the interview below. (Pertinent stuff starts at 1:40.)

Poor Aaryn (who is not helped by the fact that her name is an anagram for Aryan). Upon being confronted with the words that came out of her mouth, she not only spoke this classic wad of stink—"I do not mean to ever come off racist. That's not me, and I apologize to anyone that I've offended with that"—she went out with a brand-new bullshit apology all her own: "That hurts me that I would say something like that." (Twisting the knife: Now relegated to the highly restrictive and still media-free "Jury House," Ms. Gries won't learn for another stretch of weeks that her racist mouth problems have cost her her job.)

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The moral to be drawn from all of this: Don't go on a widely broadcast reality competition featuring a 24-hour live internet feed and say racist and homophobic things, unless you want to be known as that person who went on a widely broadcast reality competition and said racist and homophobic things.

(And good job, Julie Chen.)