British Airways allegedly lost customer Hasan Syed's father's luggage. When Syed tried to e-mail the airline, they apparently failed to respond. Then Syed did what most of us would do and threw in the towel.

Just kidding! Syed instead bought promoted tweets bashing British Airways. Here's a sample of his ongoing tirade:

Eventually, British Airways responded to one of his tweets. Read the rest after the jump, then—AND ONLY THEN—let me know what you think!

Things escalated from there. Syed called bullshit on their hours and told British Airways to direct message him instead. British Airways retorted that they couldn't message Syed because he wasn't following the airline's Twitter profile, to which Syed said:

Womp womp.

Syed said he will reveal how much he has spent on the ads—and their "engagement metrics"—soon. Expect an update.