Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher's second film Off Label concerns the social impact of prescription drugs on a country that's dominated by the forces of the market. A number of people are interviewed. Some are forced or willing human guinea pigs for drug corporations. Some take drugs because they actually need them. Others take drugs because that's the best they can get from their indifferent doctors. All are or have been exposed to the icy cold logic of the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry.

An Iraq War vet and a black American ex-con tell Off Label's most compelling and harrowing stories. The vet has a mind that was severely deranged by Bush's illegal war (he witnessed and participated in the crimes committed in Abu Ghraib). The ex-con has a body that was permanently damaged by the drugs he was tricked into taking while serving time (he did two years in the '60s for selling pot). The soldier has memories of dismembered arms, noses, legs; the ex-con's hands are monstrously swollen and his nails are disfigured. The soldier finds some hope in peace activism, the ex-con in recondite theories about God. This is the real America.

The directors will be present at tonight's screening...