What's the Deal with Shitbarf?


I like street art, but Shitbarf is just ugly and overwhelming.
I am convinced it is to be pronounced "shit-flat-arf".
Please, give them some more attention.
Feed the trolls; feed the vandals.
Vancouver is cooler: someone is tagging "John Cusack" on its dumpsters. Why not attempt to one-up the city up north with "Crispin Glover" or "Aubrey Plaza" instead of this garbage?
I know! I know!

An asshole.
http://shitbarf.blogspot.com/ ...not that that explains anything. but then tagging itself seems to be only a vestigial bit of scent marking (if i don't spray, do i exist?)
I thought some idiot anarchist asshole took credit here in comments back when the Starbucks got vandalized? Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Happens.
shitbarf has been going on for a while now. it's nothing new. i remember seeing my first one maybe a couple of years ago or longer. i thought it was a little funny at first. but then i saw a huge one on an apartment building on boylston this morning, and the only thing i could think is "that joke isn't funny anymore."
shitbarf is still funny. fuck you shitbarfs.
I am ignoring this.
Incredibly, this has made me nostalgic for the relative sophistication of "The Bald Man Is Watching You".
I love Shitbarf, but I have no small children to explain it to, so I can understand the hatred. Does anyone else remember the woodchuck chuck construction???
I like the "sissies rule" tagger much more.
There's a small one at 12th & Republican IIRC
And there's an @shitbarf on twitter
I like "sissies rule" as well -- and i still like the small little shitbarfs. It's the giant ones that are starting to crop up that have me bothered (like the one in the photo in the post). Ain't no need for all that.
Dogs can do it. They can throw up the contents of their intestines. It is, pretty much, shitbarf.
There's a shitbarf band. But which came first? The tags or the band?
Every so often I'm at the bus stop on the east side of 520 and see the big "FARTZ" on the back of the construction sign on the other side of the highway. It sorta makes me smile. FARTZ!!!
The hand(?)writing is the same, so I'd assume one person. Perhaps it references the phenomenon of when one vomits so hard they shit themselves.
Another vote for small shitbarfs. Still funny. Large ones? Meh.
it's simply vulgar and has no place in a civilized society. i long for the days when 'shit' and 'barf' were kept separate as jesus asked.
I think I found his blog once. It's a dumb crustpunk who considers himself an artist.
PissSpit, you are getting pwned.
@18: I think the tagger and the band are separate entities.
Someone CARVED it into the floor of the food bank I work at. How they managed it, I have no idea.
Sometimes during the death process people do literally barf shit. Horrible to contemplate, I know. But a physiological fact.

Maybe the graffiti is a statement on the loss of dignity inherent in mortality.
I'm still ignoring this.
OP and then @13 I just had the same sequence of thoughts yesterday in the men's bathroom in Jai Thai. Then this post happens. How could that possibly be a coincidence? Answer: Because it is!

Anyway. The tagger clearly is aware of how juvenile shitbarf is. I think they enjoy the absurdity of someone spending so much time and risking so much on something so preposterous. I see it as a young artist's commentary on the effort and time people sacrifice in activities that have no value or benefit. It's a parody of religion, fashion, and other memes that humans blindly pursue, and a statement of their value.

Or it's some dipshit promoting a band.
It's nice to know that when they dig through the ruins of the 21st century, this is what they'll find.
Graffiti is en egotist's shitbarf.
@7 - Yeah, some chap appeared to take credit for it, but when I replied and told him it was the single worst piece of graffiti in town, he denied being the responsible party. I tend to think he is responsible, but I can't prove anything.

Anyway, yeah, I like street art a lot, but this "tag" --if you can even call it that-- is diminishing the form.

I mean seriously, total lack of artistry. It's getting any more interesting over time. It's like a 10 year old austistic tagging a new "naughty" word he learned how to spell, with some sort of OCD repetition mania. I mean, who can't spray paint words on a wall? The fact that there's no artistic improvement or variety at all I think is the worst, right after the visual blight.

Most pansy tag ever.
Correction: It's NOT getting any more interesting over time.
Personally, I like it.
Its easy to read. And I get it.
Way better than Spring Break (w/ the crude drawing of the titties)
shitbarf = funny, regardless of size of pile
I <3 SHITbARF in any form.
Yes, this is absurdist street art, reminiscent of dadaist work such as Duchamp's "Fountain". You don't have to approve of this sloppy tag to appreciate the angsty anti-establismentarian spirit it brings to the City. In other words - Fuck you fucks for being a bunch of fucking simple minded ShitBarfs.
@7: Yeah, that's who I was talking about. You could find the link to his blog in those comments.

@39: Lol, and the pretentiously angry crusty appears. Apparently every idiot who scratches their nickname into a school desk is a great, scholarly artist.
"Shit barf is a mirror of what they see around them. Shit barf is the condo, the luxury restaurant, the mindless gentrification, development, and shitty architecture. Shit barf is the world you live in, Seattle. Sorry."

16, I dig Sissies Rule too. At some point he (?) made the leap to slap tagging with printed stickers, but what I really admire him for is his athleticism and love of nature: I found a Sissies Rule tag at the top of Mt. Si, a 6 mile trail with about 2k of elevation gain!
It's the return of Cold K!!!
whatever happened to BEAR SNATCH
@42: Would we be complaining if it was restricted to symbols of gentrification, derplord?

screw that, SPRING BREAK is possibly the greatest bit of ensemble art from this century.


most people on this blog would continue to complain, yes.
...and Tina Chopp is still God.
@2 you made that same damn joke last time shitbarf was mentioned, only you made it about fart-butt: http://www.thestranger.com/slog/archives…
(don't worry, I appreciated it both times)

@everyone: we did this one before
Shitbarf is laughing at all of you.
Why do we have to solve the mystery of shitbarf? Why can't shitbarf just be shitbarf and we could be normal people and the world can just keep on turning?
All your shit are belong to barf.
Long ago, I had a friend whose tag was "poop" (all lowercase). If you're reading this, you know who you are.

@4 Vancouver has some great taggers. John Cusack forever. Also MOHINDER and the erstwhile "i love you" tagger.

S/he's no Banksy...

I read the headline and thought someone had come up with a new nickname for Breitbart

it's about natural progression.

When you eat something, your stomach turns it into barf. Then the barf from your stomach turns into shit.

Then you shitbarf
this thread was no fun at all until @56's post. Thanks, @56.
shitbarf can go fucking die
@49 - Thank you for noticing.
im so sick of this faggot
I prefer the term CROMIT.
Shitbarf is obviously authored by someone who has eaten Chinese food in Ecuador.
I don't know who's tagging seattle, but I can say I wrote SHITbARF in a bathroom in Florence
When I moved away from Seattle in 2011, shitbarf was already everywhere I went. I hate shitbarf. Seeing it would put me in a bad mood until I could distract myself with something else, which would take between 5 and 30 minutes. I suppose you could argue that shitbarf jarred me out of my complacency, but it did it in a bad way. Couldn't shitbarf just break some Chase Bank windows instead? In conclusion, fuck you, shitbarf.