Gasworks Park. Thursday. 5:30 to dusk.

It's a simple setup. Seattle artist Lauren Ziemski is calling it The Carriage Return. Hard return! (You can hear it.) From email from Ziemski:

The Carriage Return is an art installation/story exchange/experiment in pop-up community... I will be installing my personal manual typewriter collection, about fifteen machines, (plus a few loaners) in the park at tables and chairs and inviting the public to come and try their hand at writing with reckless abandon. The spirit of the night is surrendering to the creative process without the ability to edit oneself, and to answer the question: "What can I produce when I unplug, slow down, and become more intentional about what I want to say?". Participants are encouraged to submit their written pieces to the moderators in exchange for another participant's work mailed anonymously via the USPS. Prompts are available to those who would like them. No power buttons. No delete buttons. Just you, the great outdoors, and your imagination. Press hard. Write well.