NARAL Pro-Choice America has declared that today we shall celebrate men who celebrate choice. Dudes who believe in women's sexual autonomy have been tweeting their #menforchoice support on Twitter today:



As explains:

While reproductive rights have typically been framed as a women’s issue—and male politicians’ efforts to police them have been widely derided—NARAL isn’t shying away from the notion that working toward bodily autonomy involves leveraging support from people with all different types of bodies.

“Reproductive freedom is a core value that we all share. The recent attacks on our freedoms affect women first and foremost, but are an affront to all people who hold human rights as a value,” Ilyse Hogue, NARAL’s president, explained to ThinkProgress. “We want men on our team, not only at the elected level but at the grassroots level too. This is how we show solidarity and how we win.”

Pro-choice men aren't a novelty—and no, I cannot get behind the term "Bro Choice" because it makes me want to stab everything in the testicles. They've been around as long as the women have. But as the article notes, we've seen a more thoughtful approach from reproductive rights groups in recognizing supportive men and including them in the conversation, which is overall a good thing.

That said, all the women I know already celebrate men who celebrate choice all the time by having sex with them. But if progressive men want a little wooing, what the hell. It's for a good cause. Celebrate today by buying the bro-choicer (STAB STAB STAB) in your life an orchid filled with birth control or something.