Ms. Clark,

I know you've read it, and here it is again:

I have no idea what your ultimate reasoning was behind making the decision not to push and approve a Resolution taking a position against the anti-gay laws in Russia but I do believe you made the wrong call here. The thing is, I think it is better to admit you made the wrong call, change your mind, and make the right decision than to take offense at Savage's inflammatory remarks and refuse to back down. Isn't it more embarrassing to be known as someone who can never change her mind?

I urge you to take the opportunity to gather support and sponsor a Resolution denouncing Russia's laws allowing the persecution of LGBT and our supporters. Be known for doing the right thing, no matter the political timing, no matter if it involves aligning yourself temporarily with parts of the city government you don't support.

Civil Rights are more important than bruised pride.

Thank you,

Nicholas Lakin