I don't have time to write about this because I have more important things on my plate than posting about endorsements, but as far as endorsements go, this is one of the bigger ones. SEIU 775NW (home health care workers) and SEIU 1199NW (nurses, other health care workers) have gotten off the pot and endorsed Ed Murray for mayor. Neither union really has much direct business in front of the city, but they're huge, representing about 67,000 workers combined, about 10,000 in Seattle. SEIU 775NW is one of the most active and influential unions in the state.

I don't think this was an easy decision, which is why it comes at such a late date. Murray has been a friend of labor in Olympia. Mayor Mike McGinn has been a friend of labor here in Seattle. Which explains why they are splitting the labor endorsements. So I guess you can't blame these unions for going with the frontrunner, especially since in the event Murray loses, they'll still need to work with him in Olympia.