Barilla has been my everyday boxed pasta choice for a long time—it's also the pasta of choice of Paul Constant, Megan Seling, and Anna Minard. Goldy and Dave Schmader both buy Trader Joe's dried pasta, which I used to get, but then found Barilla tasted better. Dan Savage says: "Gay people have to start eating carbs again so that we can stop eating the carbs this asshole is peddling." And Christopher Frizzelle says: "Gay people don't eat pasta." (Um, SAD, gentlemen.)

I thinka long time ago I read that Cook's Illustrated chose Barilla as best in one of their scientific taste-tests (though spaghetti results from 2012 are frustratingly behind a paywall). At any rate, my very particular friend Leslie Dean declared Barilla the best brand long ago, and she is better than Cook's Illustrated.

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However, just recently, I used DeCecco's angel hair, and found it markedly thinner and lighter and nicer than the Barilla version (they say it's got a thickness of 0.033–0.036"; Barilla offers no such measurement of the hair of an angel). DeCecco seems generally quite a bit more expensive, though.

Sooooo, now that we're all boycotting anti-gay and freakishly-backward-on-women Barilla, who has pasta recommendations?

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