Derek Thompson at The Atlantic points out maybe the most important fact of this whole shutdown fiasco: Paul Ryan's nightmare budget from a few years ago is now our reality.

The Senate bill funds the 2014 government at a level 18 percent below the president proposed five years ago; 17 percent below the Democratic Congress proposed four years ago; 10 percent below Paul Ryan and Republicans proposed three years ago; and 8 percent below the debt ceiling compromise two years ago (see graph, via Michael Linden and Harry Stein). The Senate bill is less than 2 percent away from Paul Ryan's own 2014 budget.

Republicans have gotten everything they want, and they've achieved most of their goals with possession of only one-half of the legislative branch of government. Are they going to keep trimming until they hit bone? Have they already hit bone? Is the shutdown just a glimpse of our normal, everyday future? This shit is getting depressing.