If these two young Norwegian musicians chose their band name based on the Buddhist term moha, I applaud them for accurately naming themselves and describing their music with the choice of a single word. The word translates variously as bewilderment, ignorance, stupidity, or delusion. In the Theravada tradition, moha is considered to be a fundamental ignorance of the nature of reality and in the Mahayana tradition, moha is defined as a sub-category of this fundamental ignorance: It is a dumbfounded state of not knowing what to do, a state of being deeply clouded, in which the mind is not clear. If they didn't choose it for this reason, well then...there goes my beautiful theory.

Either way, Anders Hana (guitar) and Morten J. Olsen (drums) do indeed play some bewildering manifestations of music which certainly can lead one to a dumbfounded state or an unclear mind as they unleash their violent, yet very controlled, storms of sound. Those with a high tolerance for tightly improvised, high-energy skronk will rejoice in their powerful aural assailments, just as those lacking the abilities to discern anything remotely musical about it would quickly call it noise and most likely ask that you "turn that shit off!" Pick your side.

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