Republicans Keeping Millions of Poor and Black Folks Out of Health Insurance: The Republicans are literally killing people.

The Huge Company WSDOT Hired for the Tunnel: Hasn't fulfilled its commitment to pay a certain number of small and POC-owned businesses for work.

Day 3 of the Shutdown: The new focus is the debt ceiling deadline.

At the Checkout Line at Walmart: Man shoots himself accidentally.

Apartment Fire in the U District: One man died after jumping. Intentionally set?

Hornet Attacks in Northwest China: Have killed 42 people and wounded more than 1,500.

Russia Goes After Greenpeace Protesters: Declares them pirates.

Syria Cuts off Food and Medicine in a Town That Was Gassed: "Tightening the noose."

African Migrants Are Dying on their Way to Italy: The latest victims are Eritreans and Somalians who shipwrecked off Lampedusa.

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?: Because boys have curves?

"Other women chimed in to say that their teachers were the ones who teased them the most. In one physics class, the teacher announced that the boys would be graded on the 'boy curve,' while the one girl would be graded on the 'girl curve'; when asked why, the teacher explained that he couldn’t reasonably expect a girl to compete in physics on equal terms with boys."

Well, Then...That's Freedom Amazon to You!: France passes anti-Amazon bill.

Weird Theft at the Karpeles Manuscript Library in Tacoma: The bronze plaque out front that says "Karpeles Manuscript Library," probably looted in this economy for the metal.

Hmm?: A handful of Microsoft's big investors are said to want Bill Gates out.

Tropical Storm Karen: Hurricane watch in the Gulf from Louisiana to Florida.

Two Europeans Killed and Burned by a Mob in Madagascar: Elections coming, organ trafficking accusations.

Sinead O'Connor: Schooling Miley Cyrus.

Open letter to Bimbo's:
Dear Bimbo's, Thank you for the $4.32 burrito yesterday. It was so good. I like you best at late lunch, when almost nobody is there with me and there is a great mischief-eyed server whose name I have, intermittently, been able to remember, to my shame for forgetting later. You, Bimbo's at lunch, have another unsung goodness: You play old but not ironically so records that are often reminders of something I loved. Thanks for yesterday's Magnetic Fields. I'd forgotten how good "69 Love Songs" was. Love, Jen