"Don't worry, the picture of your badge is going to be blurred." Here's video of the July interaction between Dominic Holden and the police.

The Week in Shutdown News: The Teapocalypse is upon us, even though Americans don't want it. We have so many questions for Republicans. What about the children? Don't you care about the children? Are you mad that these women and children are going to be able to eat for the rest of the month, no thanks to you? Wasn't the budget small enough? Is CNN on your side? Do you want people to starve? How long is this going to go on? Do you object to bars serving furlough specials? Who's got bigger balls—this guy, or this guy? Do you realize that your hypocrisy is showing?

We Love Obamacare in Washington: We love it so much we couldn't even get on the goddamned website. Here's Goldy's review of the website when it finally became available.

That's Funny, Politics Always Speaks Very Highly of You: Goldy writes an open letter to politics.

Get Humpin': Tickets are on sale now.

Label Fight: Money is pouring into the anti-522 campaign. Here are ads from both sides of the initiative. This ad is the worst ad since that Wonka-inspired Joe Mallahan video.

People Have Differing Opinions: Some bar owners and nightlife advocates are for Ed Murray. Some are not.

Wait, I Thought Government Was Evil? Hooray for Seattle City Light!

Being Homeless Is Expensive: A local site promises three days of homeless life on the streets of Seattle for $2000. I talked to the man behind the site.

I'm Not a Doctor but I Provide Medical Advice in the Comments: Slog knows how to cure a cold.

The Awards Show Was Genius: Bethany Jean Clement recaps the Genius Awards.

Lastly, Fuck You, Michele Bachmann: