Morning News: The Shutdown's Over! Just Kidding, It's Still On. Also, Americans Are Stupid and Your Chicken Is Sick


We have nothing to complain about with our roads. Our highways aren't filled with tire-and-suspension-eating chuckholes the size of large dogs during the winter like the states east of us.
Dame Diana Rigg. swoon
The term "God particle" was invented by the media. The physicists in question referred to it as "the goddamn particle", which was too racy for newspapers more uptight than The Stranger.
that is ABSOLUTELY his best work. I love me some Potter, but he doesn't really perform in those movies. that Extras clip is the reason I am a fan.
@5: what are you talking about? I accessed both the plans and the phone line just this weekend.
@3 I came here to make the same point, though I believe the change was due to the publishing company not wanting that to be the title of his book. Also, he referred to it as the goddamn particle because it "is so goddamn hard to find."
"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can't pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. . . . Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that "the buck stops here." Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."
@1: Seattle roads are far worse than the midwest icebox that I grew up in. After a run of wet winter days in which temps oscillate above and below the freezing point, the city streets here are completely trashed. If you aren't actively dodging the potholes, suspension repair is only a matter of time.

P.S. The road in front of my friend's house currently has sink hole 3 feet in diameter, 2 feet deep, and growing.
If you like Daniel Radcliffe's Extras performance, you should check out Ian McKellan's and Patrick Stewart's Extras clips.
Also, RE: referring to people as Hitler.

I wonder what historical psychopath/murderer people overused in referring to their enemies BEFORE World War II and Hitler?
@9 Seattle's roads are bad because they don't want you to drive on them. You know, war on cars and all that.
That would be Attila the Hun.
Remember every time you eat animals, you're promoting disease and potential pandemics.

SARS, bird flus, and swine flus all come from close contact with sick animals in animal farms, endangering people across the globe just for meat.

Salmonella and E.coli both come from animal guts and feces, sometimes infecting nearby vegetable and fruit farms (that is why uncooked fruits & veggies sometimes carry disease).

A man in Brighton UK was diagnosed with mad cow disease and 14 months to live, even though he's been vegetarian for 5 years. The disease can lay dormant for years after eating beef before it starts destroying your brain.…
And a big "thank you" to raku. It just wouldn't be Slog without our morning dose of off-topic crazy.

Speaking of which, where's Bailo?
Bailo upped his cred by eliciting a positive response from Paul Constant yesterday. Maybe he's in some Kent jacuzzi, configuring his waterproof e-reader.
@16, Animals are reservoirs for a number of infectious diseases, many of which are harmless commensals to the animal host but devastating to humans. Salmonella in chickens is a fairly minor example, but more lethal pandemics like novel flu strains and HIV originated from humans farming or hunting animals. Maybe slightly off-topic but definitely not crazy.
16- Maybe crazy, but not off-topic... There's a news story and headline about disease from eating chickens.
@Raku so you're saying we shouldn't eat vegetables because pigs and chickens shit on them? Right, duly noted.
I'd forgotten how good Extras was. And Dame Diana Rigg w/ a "Johnny" on her face.... priceless...
In Totally Unrelated News: It turns out American adults are poorly educated idiots compared with other nations, according to a new study.

Sounds like so much .....

conspiracy theory

to me.....
@13 I've spent far more time and money repairing the effects of the bad roads on my bikes than on my car...
2:27 Eastern Time, Presidential news conference. "I will talk about anything" with House Republicans. "Republicans need to pass this budget, then we can talk."

"We're not going to pay a ransom for America paying its bills."

He's talking pretty tough and describing the situation pretty clearly.

I was watching Fox (not Fox cable of course) when this first came on, and the Faux News "reporter" who came on to introduce the news conference said, "Obama is going to try to pin this shutdown on House Republicans." CLICK! (over to NBC).
FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, RICH ASS SLOG BASTARDS, *WARN US* WHEN LINKING TO NYT ARTICLES. Not all of us can afford a subscription, and we don't want to waste one of our 13 precious allotted articles on Daniel fucking Radcliffe.

Set up your browser to show the url at the bottom when you hover over the link. Then don't click on the url if it shows The New York Times.

Did you get rickrolled a lot back in the day?
The "extras" on the Extras DVDs are even better than the episodes (which are pretty damn good). Watching Patrick Stewart act like a good-natured perv just to get Gervais to break will have you laughing so hard you'll puke. I actually liked Extras more than The Office, just because it was not so painfully funny, you know?
@25, I kind of share your sentiment, but it's not going to happen, so do as @27 suggests or do like I do and right click on the link and chose "properties" to see the URL.
"Have you still got that catsuit from The Avengers?"
"choose," excuse me.
@27 @30 Great idea, if I weren't usually Slogging from my phone. To check every single URL with a long-press (which may then display an illegibly-shortened address anyhow) is tedious as hell.