Last night onstage in New York, Jane Fonda handed Lindy West an award while Lily Tomlin and Gloria Steinem cheered. ME, TOO. YEAH!

Lindy won the 2013 Women's Media Center Social Media Award. From her acceptance speech:

“I hear a lot these days about the lazy, aimless ‘millennials’ — about how all we want to do is sit around twerking our iPods and Tweedling our Kardashians — and I also hear people asking, ‘Where is the next generation of the social justice movement? Where are all the young feminists and womanists and activists?’ Dude, they're on the internet. They're working their asses off. And if you can't hear them, it's because you're not listening.”

Do it, L. West. Thank you.

If you haven't watched L. West's video in which she reads aloud every rape comment she got after she suggested that hey, maybe rape jokes aren't so funny, you must. Must.

The other 11 nominees are utterly impressive humans, fighters all. But as we here at Slog know well, nobody makes social justice fun like L. West. I'm stupid proud and excited for her.

Below is a seasonal favorite from Lindy. After you watch this, if you would like to see Lindy West Vs. Candy Corn Oreos, you will find that Halloweenness here.

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