First, please enjoy the deft use of metaphor in the opening sentence of this story:

California inmates locked in solitary confinement have resumed eating, but they're still hungry to have their grievances addressed.

Get it? Hungry for justice? Wocka wocka! (The LA Times ran the headline "Prison Hunger Strike—Food for Thought," but that was for a Ted Rall cartoon so I'm guessing it was more tongue in cheek.)

Moving on: Today, California legislators will hold a hearing about solitary confinement (technically known there—and here—as the SHU, or segregated/special housing unit), in the wake of a 60-day hunger strike led by longtime gang leaders. One of the striking things (wocka!) about this whole story is the way prisoners set aside ancient rivalries to work together.

Today's hearing is scheduled to last two and a half hours, or 2.5 minutes for each day the strike lasted.