Over the weekend, Sarah Palin and a bunch of Republican outrage queens led a few hundred teabaggy veterans on a protest. They were supposedly protesting the fact that national parks were closed during the shutdown, but everyone knows the Republicans are responsible for the shutdown. (Seriously, if Republicans hadn't changed the rules before it started, this shutdown might be over by now.) A shit-ton of inflammatory things were said. Veterans waved the Confederate flag in front of the White House, and a few tractor trailer trucks circled Washington DC in the hopes of, I don't know, impressing President Obama with their big truck noises.

My favorite image from the whole weekend is this one, tweeted by Buzzfeed's Ruby Cramer:

Sarah Palin, a celebrity solely on Twitter and Facebook who probably complained about President Obama's use of a teleprompter during her speech—I didn't watch, nor do I intend to watch her speech, because it doesn't matter—had to write "Leader not tweeter" on her hand, for fear that she wouldn't remember it. This photo tells so many stories, about authenticity, about hypocrisy, about idiocy. That's all I have to say about this weekend.