"Leader Not Tweeter"


Sweet Lord, she's such a know-nothing idiot.
Confederate flags aside (and remember, at one point this country was run under the Articles of Confederation), I think that there's a lot of sniping from the Left due to jealousy.

After months of Occupy and Black Bloc Anarchists and cyber-warriors called Anonymous, it took a bunch of Big Rig drivers and women who sell calico cat designs on e-Bay to bring down The Establishment!

Pretty funny that plastic lawn chairs beat drawstring Helm pullovers! Guess that some "tea" is stronger than others.
@2: Bringing Down The Establishment and Shooting Yourself In The Ass are two entirely different things.
@2 You don't know the difference between the Articles of Confederacy and the Southern Confederacy bro
@2 Good gawd, there you go again making ALL republicans look stupid thanks to your gaping maw of stupidity.

What happens when you post on RedState or Breitbart? Do they hound you too, or is your shocking stupidity just about normal over there?
@2 There is not a blade of grassroots in the government shutdown. This is all about a group of very well placed, well payed traitors and a pack of useful idiots with tri-corned hats trying to stage a Coup De Tat.
@2 No-one can bring me down! Not hippies, not anarchists, and certainly not easily manipulated senior citizens.

I feed on their weakness. I delight in their hatred. I only grow stronger behind the smokescreen.
Rally that base Sarah! Sound the alarm bells for something you and elitist morons created. We need art, people! We need art to expose the fraud!
@8: huehuehue, who's pulling the strings behind the "The Establishment" account?
Apart from the Jews, I mean. And Hollywood. And the Feds. And the Dark Lord Inglip.
@7: Coup d'Etat. All your letters were there, just not the punctuation!

And right on.
@7, 10, 11: Pay no attention to those wealthy, white men behind the curtain!
Christ that can't be real. I mean, she's dumb, but she can't possibly be so dumb that she can't remember "leader not tweeter."
@13: It's all part of her act. Writing on her hand shows she's a folksy anti-intellectual. You think it's a coincidence she was showing off her palm?
Woa, that almost rhymes.
@7 An interesting argument that the Teahadis are basically Boss Hogg, writ large:

@15: That's why she had to write it down. She kept saying "liter not tweeter" during rehearsals and she almost lost her TP cred by inadvertently promoting the socialist metric system!
Ugh. I think I would have liked her better if I thought she was just dumb and not opportunistic to boot.
i see she put her wedding ring back on
She was in NJ campaigning for the Repub. running for Senate against Booker. That was a dig she used against Booker.