Man oh man do Republican commenters hate the Senate's shutdown deal. Here's a sampling of comments from the National Review story about the deal:

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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McConnell and Boehner are finished as Leaders!
McConnell may not return at all and Boehner will be replaced by a leader not an establishment pimp!!

Cruz September 19: "I will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund Obamacare."
Cruz October 16: paraphrasing Meatloaf "I'll do anything to defund, but I won't do that!"

Maybe I can understand why they don't want to hit the debt ceiling, but why on earth do we have to cave on the shutdown at the same time? Couldn't we just pass a clean debt CR and continue the shutdown?

Can't think of a more disgraceful surrender. Shame on Boehner, McConnell, and all other RINO traitors. What the hell was this all for?

Any deal with Harry Reid is a deal with the devil. Shame on you, McConnell.

Shut it down again in January !! Yessss!!!!!!

And the National Review is basically the presentable Republican opinion site. Below are some comments from a story on Glenn Beck's Huffington Post rip-off The Blaze about Ted Cruz saying he won't block the deal. The baseline feeling among the commenters is that America is dead. It only gets worse from there:

My “conspiracy” theory is, Cruz is a paid Obama’s operator….. wait, before bashing me, allow me to explain: The last negotiation of debt ceiling was painful for Obama, hence he vowed not to do it again. So, Cruz task was to lure GOP to tie the Obamacare (a fight that GOP tried 40x and failed) to the gov. shutdown and eventually debt ceiling. Hence give more pressure to GOP and leverage for Obama. Now, Obama (will) get his debt ceiling increase without even need to give anything to GOP!

There goes the Country…

2014 herr troll…. 2014.. obamacare is a lie and was passed on the basis that it is a lie using Un-American tactic, voter fraud, illegally seated putzes like franken, and the abject disregard for the will of the people. 2014 is the first chance to get at 1/3of the Senate that was shielded form the wrath of the people… You will lose..

a sinking ship……this today…..then immigration…..then the renaming of the USA…

Time for red state secession. Let the blue welfare states have Obama and his Democrat friends.

Do you get the feeling like this whole government shutdown was a ploy by the progressives in both parties to isolate and destroy the Tea Party…..They knew it was going to fail and they knew the Tea Party would be blamed

At this point only God can save us since we as a country have failed. The only path by man I see available would be if the Supreme Court stepped up to do its job and ruled the IRS had to be shut down, the President impeached for overreach of power in altering legislation from the Oval office, Congress in contempt for failing to uphold its duties of budget approval and violated order through closed session back door workings and not contesting executive overreach along with identifying numerous conflicts of interest, and demanded full light on the Benghazi, IRS, NSA, AP, F&F, and Voter Intimidation scandals that ZERO people have been held accountable for. If we can’t get the Supreme Court to act – well there isn’t any other level of Gov. Left. The Executive is acting in full dictatorship mode, the Legislative in full “ruling class/peasant-surf” mode, and the Judicial (A.G Justice Department) in complete National Police mode. With the Supreme Court already legislating from the bench (altering the ACA to a “Tax” when every author of the bill insisted it wasn’t meant to be a tax but a fine/cost) figure the odds we can count on them for any amount of protection or justice.
You may now write the final chapter of America’s great experiment with Freedom. Experiment over. Stay tuned for the required revolution required to overthrow corrupt power (historically that requires a large body count).