"Is this man actually allowed to use the street and the telephone?"


I wish Stephen Fry would have let him put his foot a little further into his mouth instead of cutting him off so quickly. I want more concrete examples of BS things Russians think about gays.
agreed @1
@1 I saw another clip from this show, online, where Fry gives free reign to another one of these anti-gay guys (Joseph Nicolosi in the US). He doesn't cut him off. Nicolosi hangs himself. I can't wait to see the whole program.
Also, to quote commenter Steve on JoeMyGod: He doesn't even understand the Bible. He's conflating Milton's story of the fall of Lucifer, the bright angel, in Paradise Lost with Genesis.
Why does that guy get to meet Stephen Fry, when the rest of us don't?
We'll meet your "Homosexual Invaders Corrupting PreSchoolers" fable and raise you one with "Lesbians Raped to Cure Them"!

and in fact, HomoLiberal Activist DO want to get to preschoolers and indoctrinate them that homosexuality is JUST AS GOOD as heterosexuality.

Right Danny?
Speaking of Ignorant Religious Bigotry and Hatred, Danny; you recently said Mormons need to "...admit that their prophet got the gay thing wrong just like he got the black thing wrong and the polygamy thing wrong."
what prophet are you referring to?
and what 'black thing'?
and was doing polygamy wrong or was stopping polygamy wrong?

Or did you realize that you were making a great fool of yourself on Slog; you know that post is going to be shown around the world and if people read you braying on like this they are going to think so little of homosexuals, they're going to think "is this man actually allowed to use the street and telephone, let alone be a writer?" and in fact they will worry; "damn, an ignorant little creep like that would probably lick doorknobs and toilet seats if he got the chance.....
@7 - Whether homosexuality or heterosexuality is "good" is matter for subjective evaluation. What I would have all young people learn is that, so far as the public sphere (and our behavior therein) is concerned, they are legally equal. No value judgment required.
@8 - Presumably, the prophet refers to Joseph Smith; in context, it seems clear that the Mormon church suggested itself that it got polygamy "wrong" when it recanted its early support for the practice.

Hope that helped.

No go upstairs and fix some breakfast for your mom.
@7 What @9 said. also, it's not a matter of "as good" as it is "as deserving as everyone else to not be subjected to violence and bullying"
I think it's shameful that one religious nut can take away the rights of millions of people and leave them no recourse of an appeal. Who is next? Because you just know Jews can't be tolerated in their bigoted world of rules.
"one religious nut" CAN'T take away the rights of millions of people unless he knows he'll have the support of many religious nut
I just finished watching the second episode of the series, which took Stephen two and a half years to finish. It's truly a magnificent work of television, of education, of a deep and abiding humanity. This brief interview comes in the middle of some terrific work that he did in Russia, and he ends with a visit to India, where they finally threw off the homophobic laws that were legacy of British colonialism. Most of the series is him speaking with ordinary people around the world about their experiences today. Sometimes it's heartbreaking, sometimes so joyous.

Please, everyone, keep an eye peeled for when this full documentary is available to you. It's unforgettable.
9 11 no one should be bullied.

but some lifestyle and behavior choices are, objectively, better than others; for society at large and for the individuals who engage in them.

Danny wants to teach preschoolers that homosexual pairings are JUST AS GOOD as Traditional Heterosexual Marriage.

so imagine a world in which everyone was heterosexual.

then imagine a world in which everyone was homosexual.

compare and contrast.
but neither of those worlds exist @15

THIS world contains homosexuals and homosexuals. As such, it's a good thing to teach kids that there are a variety of people in this world, all deserving to be treated with humanity.

You know... Love thy neighbour as thyself kinda thing

most probably not Smith. even the Troll knows that much.

so why won't Danny say?

he makes an accusation; vague but harsh, but totally refuses to stand behind it.

what a weasel.

Who was the prophet, Danny? just give us a name......

what was mormon policy toward blacks? how did they get it wrong?

yes. love and all.

but we can love and treat with humanity without pretending that all behavior choices are equally beneficial.

neither world exists. hence the 'imagine'.

but try. it won't break your brain. imagine a world in which everyone was homosexual.
@5 - I'm with you :)

nah. I prefer a world with a variety of people - including weirdos like you.

Could you imagine a world that had all and only plumbers? Who would fix your electrical problems? That would be a disaster; therefore plumbers are terrible.

Why Doth The Cowardly Accuser Hold His Filthy Tongue?

Speak, Knave!
In fact,
until you cum clean Danny you will have to turn in your phone.

And stay away from doorknobs.
we'll play.....

in a world with only plumbers there wouldn't be any electrical systems,
and no electrical problems.

now your turn.
it won't break your brain.
imagine a world in which everyone was homosexual.

I didn't know that electricians were the cause of electrical problems, you strange man.

everyone else, I was curious about this documentary and I see that it's available on thepiratebay.com

I accidentally downloaded episode 2 first and it works and currently downloading episode 1
Comedy Gold this dreary, foggy morning thanks to Dear Troll.

By the way, Dear Troll- notice how all the nice adults are behaving toward you, being reasonable and patient with you, answering the questions you raise (silly as they are) with patient and reasonable answers?

Now compare to your silly insults and name-calling (even in your signature).

Think you stand a chance swaying anyone to your side? Seriously? The adults are winning. Try to keep up.
Oh. And p.s. Dear Troll. The All-homosexual planet would involve reproduction via cloning. Duh.
@24 oops. I misread your post.

yes. in a world with no electricians, there would be no electrical systems, in our little gedanken experiment. Since a world with electricity is better than our imaginary world with with no electricity (we wouldn't be able to have this conversation), it stands to reason a world that was comprised 100% of plumbers would be bad.

So therefore plumbers are bad?
@15 - Value does not exist in nature. Procreation is not inherently, objectively valuable, because life--human or otherwise--is not inherentl, objectively valuable. It is valuable once it comes to exist, since no value can exist without a consciousness to assign or impose value on objectively value-neutral phenomena, but that doesn't speak at all to any particular good to making more.

And the whole "if everyone did it" argument is specious on its face. If everyone specialized in medicine, no one would grow the food; if everyone played football, there would be an unsustainable number of head and spinal cord injuries.
imagine if everyone in the world wrote operas! No bridges would be build. Opera composers are terrible because we need bridges.
@24 - Oh, fine, I'll play. There would be a generation of high fashion, fabulous parties, and magnificent poetry and theater, followed by blessed silence (and, in all likelihood, a collective sigh of relief from any and all species we haven't domesticated unto dependence that the human plague is gone).

I would ask you to explain why that should bother me, but I fear that your offering wouldn't even rise to the level of sophistry, let alone cogent reasoning.
I don't know @32. I live in a pretty homophobic country and happen to have a lot of lesbians in my workplace. Lots of them are planning to find sperm donors and start a family (and have fake marriages with gay men, but that's another story). Gay men are men and gay women are women. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they don't want to (and won't take steps to) have children.

I realize we're having a bit of a ridiculous conversation indulging a ridiculous person's ridiculous thought-experiment, but even neck-deep in this ridiculosity, I don't think an imaginary all-gay world would preclude people wanting to have kids with each other.

Probably the fantasy world this troll loves to imagine is a world with all gay men.
Why are we feeding the troll?

@5 seriously :) I've written Stephen repeatedly over the years offering to be his unpaid servant and he still refuses. He won't even lift the restraining order. I can only apologize for the same incident so many times!! sigh ...
@24 There wouldn't be any more abortions, that's for sure.
@33 - You're right, of course. I figured the shortest distance between two points (indulging the basement-dweller and not having to engage with basement-dweller anymore) was to offer him precisely the "worst-case scenario" at which he was hinting and point out that it's still value neutral.
@1, 2: I agree, but then I think of How Do You Know?, a lesser known James L. Brooks film with Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson, the latter of whom delivers this great line:

"Drivel does not get to finish. Drivel gets interrupted."
@15, that question is bananers, if the whole world was homosexual then the whole world would be homosexual. I don't see how that world would be better or worse than one where everyone is het. You realize that in an all homo world there would still be reproductive sex, why wouldn't there be reproductive sex?
@27 CLONING!? It's not hard to have babies, and think, in a world of only one sexual identity, people wouldn't really care about messing with it to make some babies.
Proof that there is no loving God ... The existence of this Russian homophobic fascist coinciding with the existence of people like Mr. Fry. Only by disinterested random chance could that happen. Or as a result of a petty, mean and emotionally immature deity who deserves no respect, much less worship.
I'm heterosexual, and think that an all homosexual world could be superior to an all heterosexual world; simply by the fact that all children would be wanted children.

Other than that, I see no particular difference in likely outcomes.
Man, it's always awesome to see 3-6 "unregistered comment" boxes in a row and realize that somewhere, out there, an incredibly stupid person is working himself into a serious lather.

Cry harder, bitch.

(Why any of y'all actually click on those boxes, however, is a mystery to me.)
Do you know why Stephen Fry is so awesome in this piece?

No. Not because he completely out-thought and out argued a moronic bigot. Because, as we see every day here with dipshit liars like SeattleBlues, out-thinking these cretins is easy.

The AMAZING thing here is that Fry does all of the above calmly and with compassion...

...and avoids the violent impulse to reach across that table and plunge his thumbs deep into the eye sockets of that smug piece of Russian shit until black brain goo trickled onto the floor.

You are a better man than I, Stephen Fry.
@44: I don't think I could go more than a minute or two without getting vituperative. The problem with arguing with these idiots is that they don't even understand the systems they're trying to describe. You see this every day in people who claim that homosexuality is risky because gay men have higher rates of STDs. They don't care, and usually don't know, that lesbian women have lower rates of STDs, and, due to confirmation bias, can't conceive of any possible factor other than The Gay for the difference. (In this example, the factor is gender.)
Because it was required viewing, I watched. However, the captions are gibberish. Seeing as how I have complied with this requirement, please forward my stamped and signed SLOG I.D. card because there's an orgy coming up next week here in the desert and I'll need the I.D. to get tickets.

you are always good for a laugh.

The HIV rate among men who have homosexual sex is 45X the rate of heterosexual men.
@39 makes an excellent point, reproductive sex by "homosexuals"....

our mind game imagines a world of nothing but homosexuals.

part of the imaginary world is that there is a state of being we could call "homosexual";

of course,
in reality,
"homosexuals" can and do have heterosexual sex,
and reproduce,
because homosexual is something people choose to do (or not do)
and not something they are.
if in fact there were actually such a creature;
a "homosexual";
the only way it could breed would be thru such high tech tricks as cloning and in vitro fertilization.

like exotic freakish breeds of pets bred to bizarre ends, that are unable to breed by themselves.

artificial freaks tenuously existing in a manmade world outside nature.

because homosexuality is 100% Natural and Normal.


@47, 48, 49

Nobody's clicking and you're still working your sorry, ugly ass into a delicious lather. HAHAHAHAHA!
I wonder, have any of these people making the "kindergarteners will be taught that it is good to be homosexual" statement or its ilk, ever been in a kindergarten classroom as adults? Because there's literally no kindergarten anywhere, including the two my two kids were in, both of which were taught by lesbians, that is going to mention any kind of sexuality. The only way the topic gets raised is in terms of families, as in Shania's family is her mom and dad and older brother and stepsister, while Ryan's family is his two moms and younger brother, while Waheed's family is his grandmother, his father and step-mother, his half sister and half-brother, and also his mother and her partner and his step-brother.

Seriously, the argument that kindergarteners will be taught somehow about homosexuality in terms of sex acts performed is ridiculous. If no one believes that kindergartners are sat down and taught "here's how mommy and daddy make babies . . . " why anyone would think that a kindergarten curriculum will address sexuality in any way just baffles me.

Maybe more folks ought to spend some time in actual kindergarten classrooms.
There's no classroom, from kindergarten on upwards that would ever teach a lesson that says it's good to be any sexual orientation. But yes, children from kindergarten on upwards should be taught in public schools that all people are worthy of dignity and respect.
@8, You asked:
"Speaking of Ignorant Religious Bigotry and Hatred, Danny; you recently said Mormons need to "...admit that their prophet got the gay thing wrong just like he got the black thing wrong and the polygamy thing wrong."
what prophet are you referring to?
and what 'black thing'?
and was doing polygamy wrong or was stopping polygamy wrong?"

The prophet was Joseph Smith. The "black thing" that he got wrong was the ruling that black men cannot hold the priesthood. The Mormon church has officially changed its stance on this, so I guess they think they got it wrong, too. The "polygamy thing" was the commandment for men to marry lots of women, which the Mormon church miraculously decided to change in time for Utah to apply for statehood. It surprises me that Dan thinks this one was wrong, but apparently modern Mormons hold that belief.

None of these references is at all obscure, and I wonder why you repeatedly ask these questions, and what point you think you are making.
Just watched this entire two part series the other day - this is the highlight - but this clip ends way too early - Stephen goes on much more and walks out of the place and reports the contents of his meeting to the waiting press outside. Whole show is required viewing. Stephen's my hero. Wrote a great auto-bio, too.

@53. Um, mother of two, are you aware that football QB and direct descendent of Brigham Young, Steve Young, spilled the beans on the "black thing"? He learned that because Brigham Young was having problems getting games because of their position on black men holding the priesthood, because other schools naturally and correctly view that arbitrary restriction as something akin to Jim Crow laws, THEN Spencer Kimball had a "revelation" and opened up the priesthood. For FOOTBALL!!!. He didn't say the Mormons were wrong. He said the "line of Cain" had sort or died off so there really wasn't an reason to bar black males from the priesthood. I happened to be be a Mormon at that time. I happened to have been privy to all the discussion about how the Mormons were going to explain their discriminatory position. I happen to have been involved as a sports writer when the subject came up over BYU not being able to schedule games with the big boys and I happen to have DUMPED the Mormon Church when all of this came to the fore.

I happen to be a direct desendant of James Adair, the colonist who wrote the FIRST theory that native Americans were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. MIRACULOUSLY, some 70 years after my distant relative wrote that theory in a book called "The History of The American Indian" (it's for sale on Amazon to this day), young Mr. Joseph Smith had a REVELATION that native Americans were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. That "revelation" alone accounts for the successful recruiting efforts of missionaries in Central and South American. The Mormon foundation is as phony as a three dollar bill. Try and keep up.

You're Welcome
@53: His question has been answered several times in another of threads already. He doesn't want an answer. As a matter of fact it was the repeat spamming of a similar question that got him banned in the first place a few years ago. Now he wanders the grim reaches of the unregistered where his voice is lost unless one takes pity and clicks on one of his sad little gray boxes. And of course, Dan will never ever acknowledge him.
His torment. It's delish.


so do you also know who shot JFK?

that must be some fine stuff you are smoking.

do you not worry that some mormon assassin ninja will slit your throat?

are you blowing smoke up everyones ass or are you really that ignorant?

saddest thing you ever see are the little losers who post about unregistered posts they claim to have not read.

you're fat.

Thank you for your comments.

We share your puzzlement that Danny doesn't see the common ground he and Mormons have/had on polygamy. Evidently his rabid anti-religion/anti-Mormon bigotry will not let him admit it. Perhaps even to himself.

Do you have sources for the Smith "ruling"? What we find says that Smith ordained blacks to the Priesthood but sometime later due to the nations attitudes towards blacks (this was the 1840s...) it became policy not to do so. Early Mormons were from New England and anti-slavery. Their anti-slavery views were a large source of conflict in slave state Missouri. Mormons always knew at some point blacks would receive the Priesthood, and evidently welcomed it when the policy changed in the 1970s.
We assume Danny's cryptic slur is designed to imply Mormons are/were racist but he doesn't really say enough to reveal what (if anything) he was trying to say...

We repeatedly ask because we wonder what point Danny was making.
61 is @53.......
@57-62: What? What's that? I'm sorry Unregistered, but we can't hear you. Sigh, quelle tristesse.
Lissa @56, loser @57-62, Lissa @63: ha! That's fucking delicous. Thank you Lissa.

And thank you loser. The more unread little gray boxes you crank out, the more you prove yourself a tool.

Also, Stephen Fry was my hero before, now I want to have his babies. This documentary was touching, encouraging, enraging, and powerful.

Everyone should take a couple of hours and watch it on YouTube. Then everyone should immediately watch every single episode of QI...then read Moab is my Washpot.

quelle la petit cochon
@64; see @59
61: Mormons always knew at some point blacks would receive the Priesthood, and evidently welcomed it when the policy changed in the 1970s.

So Mormons were just waiting for the right time to stop acting like racist pieces of shit with exclusive rights to the Word of God? Well, then, apologies for the criticism. Cookies for everyone.

do you feel deprived of the Word of God?

if you ask nicely perhaps they will share a morsel.

whiny baby bitch.....
You have jizzed all over this thread at least 20 times trying to get a gay man who does not give one fuck about you or your spectacularly ignorant opinions to answer your spectacularly ignorant questions about his take on Mormonism (which other commentators have already answered) and I'm the whiny baby bitch?

Oh, and no, I don't feel deprived of Word of God- I'm agnostic. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn't look for it with those racist, homophobic assholes. You can call that anti-religion bigotry if you want to- I call it sound discernment. .

you didn't take the Midol yet, did you.....
@71: See @64.
&72: As I said it was just this sort of behavior that got him banned in the first place. I remember fondly the day his entire history was obliterated. Not just demoted to unregistered posts, but excised completely from every comment thread he’d ever been in. Allllll his work lost. Oh the shrieking and the outrage in his first comment as one of the Doomed Unregistered……! So very, very yummy. Now of course one needn’t be bothered by or about him unless one choses.
Clicking on him is like stepping in dog poo.
Watching his little grey boxes stack up, knowing he’s living that nightmare where one tries to scream and no one hears?
Ab. Solute. Ly Priceless.
@64: Thank you Ophian. You are kind. :)


you are obviously still obsessing about The Troll and it really isn't healthy.

put down the donuts and get off the computer and go out and play with the other kids.

@75: She's obsessing about you? That's funny; you seem to care an awful lot about her BMI.