Yesterday, Mayor McGinn did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. The thread made it to the site's front page. Today, Redditors are asking why Ed Murray isn't doing an AMA, too.

Reddit Seattle moderator careless explained that Reddit reached out to Murray previously:

FYI everyone; when Charlie Staadecker asked the mod team about doing an IAmA interview on /r/Seattle, I emailed each and every other candidate, inviting them to do the same, in the interest of providing equal access to all candidates.

I agree with you, I would like to see Ed Murray do an IAmA as well; just thought I'd point out that they were invited a while ago. My recommendation? Email their team at, or call them at (206) 569-8337 or Tweet at them, or hit them up on the Book of Faces.

Reddit user SD70MACMAN adds:

When I did this, McGinn's staff got back to me within 20 minutes to get the ball rolling. I still haven't received a reply from Murray. Kind of a bummer.

Everyone should start emailing Murray to encourage him to come aboard for an AMA!

And Reddit user g00f speculates that McGinn's mention that Murray received a large donation from Comcast might have scared him away from Reddit's tech-savvy audience:

After that comment regarding comcast donations in McGuinn's AMA, I doubt the dude wants any sort of appearances on the interwebs...

If Murray eventually decides to do an AMA, we'll let you know here on Slog.