Why Isn't Ed Murray Doing a Reddit AMA?


Murray's trying to run out the clock. I'm hoping for a Joe Pisarcik fumble.
Grasping at straws here?
Maybe because the 50+ age set doesn't read reddit?
Yeah, Murray's got a HUGE FUCKING ADVANTAGE right now. Why would he talk to his constituents and risk looking bad? As far as it's possible, the sound move is to hole up and say nothing.
You guys do know that tonight at 7 is the last televised debate, right? KCTS, also streaming live at http://kcts9.org/vote-2013?utm_source=br….

I'd imagine Murray would be preparing like hell for this today, to the exclusion of everything else. The mayor is really good at this sort of thing, and the challenger most definitely is not.

Publicola seems to think the McGinn's claims regarding the DOJ police consent decree might be a hit topic tonight. Apparently the US attorney has challenged one of his campaign statements about it.
@3, the ones I know do, and they are voting for McGinn.
Because "stakeholders" don't read Reddit.
What's the upside for Murray to do it? He's waaay ahead in the polls; at this point, his best approach is to not fuck anything up, which includes not opening himself up to people who will ask difficult/hostile questions.
@2 Is it? This is another example of Murray declining to speak to constituents. If we're voting for him to be the executive of our city, shouldn't we be able to communicate with him? Shouldn't he be able to take tough questions? If this guy gets elected, is he just going to sit on top of city hall and dictate his will to the people? Fuck that.
I am loving Slog these days. A single contribution to Ed Murray by Comcast after nearly 20 years as a progressive politician makes him toxic, whereas a campaign wholly funded by a single anti-density, anti-transit individual gets your approval. Makes me think you all are sharpening your hypocrisy skills in hopes of securing a positon on the Seattle Times editorial page.
@9: Hilarious. After three and a half years of snubbing his nose at us, Mayor Thin-Skin (has he ever accepted a single suggestion or criticism with grace?), far behind in the polls, realizes that he's in deep doo-doo and does a first-time-ever single appearance on Reddit. And unless Murray slavishly follows this pathetic and desperate move, he's "declining to speak to constituents," and "dictat[ing] his will to the people." Hello, the Tea Pary is recruiting.
@10, I wish Slog would post the several glowing endorsements they have written about Ed Murray in the past. Especially since he's one step from becoming "Gay Hitler"
I'll never, ever vote for anyone who does an AMA or supports Reddit in any way. What an abomination.

Reddit- the only social media site called a hate site by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
@13 They must have never visited 4chan.
What's keeping Ed Murray away from Reddit is Reddit's user base. What a bunch of fuckwits.
How dare the campaign office for mayor in a major American city not immediately do anything any person asks them to!


@10: The Stranger proudly shills for their selected candidates every year, and runs biased stories to influence the elections as much as they can. They do not hide it, and it is just part of their approach to their product.
In my world, AMA means Against Medical Advice.
Reading Slog now is kinda like watching Fox News right before Obama trounced Romney. Gotta appreciate their spunk, but everything they say is surrounded by the pall of defeat.
@12- I'm pretty sure that when they endorsed McGinn they linked to all their past praise of Murray.

@13- No, the SPLC never called Reddit a hate site. They called a sub-reddit a hate site. Lumping Reddit with all it's sub-reddits is like calling Slog a hate site because Seattleblues posts here.