Christian Couple Stiffs Young Gay Waiter and Call Him a Faggot—Because, You Know, God Is Love and Shit


When I waited tables, I used to hate getting tipped (always on Sundays) by the large families who would order a ton of food and give you the fake twenty that was really a conversion plea, some of which had hellfire'n'damnation spelled out on the back.
This being Kansas and all, clearly these are Westboro Baptist Church assholes? The way they use the word "fag" is typical of the way WBC talks about gay people.
We need to get some atheists to show up and tip the kid as well.
See how insidious that prosperity gospel is? Conflation of god's love with money?
To paraphrase Bertrand Russell: Hate is foolish, love is wise.
Free speech and all that, but can a note like this be considered a threat or harassment? This goes beyond just being a cheap jerk. The notes we read about where patrons say they aren't tipping or are tipping less because of a sick leave surcharge or something don't generally attack the waitpersons personally.

Also, how do they know he's gay?
Their presumption to know God's mind is likely a much more real affront, given that it elevates them to His level. See you in Hell, fundies!
Hmm, I wonder if they paid with a credit card. You know, then we'd have their names and all that. Publicize them, then take account of who lines up behind whom.
@6, "how do they know he's gay?" Yeah, I'm sure that was a tough one. He's probably a real flamer. Which is not going to go over real well just about everywhere in Kansas.
It might just be my imagination, but I don't think we saw this kind of stuff till lgbt rights started coming to the forefront and we started winning. They know we're winning too, even if they won't admit it, so they're getting desperate and barking louder.
I actually kind of like the word faggotry. I think more people should be getting to more faggotry, just in general
...getting up to...
@5 thanks Peabrain

yes, Dan, you have a point. There are shitty Christians in the world. heard it before, will hear it again. Slog likes the topic, doesn't tire of it. keep it rolling.

Can't we though have a topic solely discussing the work of Bertrand Russel? Just for kicks? Bring some academic intelligence into the fold? Set differences aside, no agenda, just pure thought and the beauty of philosophy?
I'm trying to reconsile how nice the opening sentence is with the rest of the letter.
@6 Certainly strikes me as harrassment or intimidation, and intentionally so. These are mean and self-righteous people being mean on purpose. (Suing them for causing personal distress would be justified. Does Kansas have a small-claims court where the plaintiff would only have to convince a judge, not a jury?) They're probably also cheap bastards (actually, just another meaning of "mean") and weren't going to leave a tip for anyone in any event. Publicizing who they are would probably save all the waitstaff in the region some disappointment.
I'm with Brooklyn Reader @15, they probably were going to stiff him anyway and just needed any excuse. One of my former housemates waited tables, and she DESPISED the Sunday morning after-church crowd. There were plenty of nice ones, but she knew which groups always stiffed her.

If it'll make us all feel any better, we can be pretty much positive this group of jerks hasn't gotten a cup of coffee without server spit for years.
Funny, I bet this couple has no problem accepting that faggot's money in the form of the outrageous tax breaks the churches get.
This is yet another reason why tipping is bullshit. By tipping you aren't being nice for good service--you are paying the actual cost for the labor of your meal. The US really needs to go the European way where there are no tips. And as a good note it will stop empowering bigots.
@11: I've been practicing fagcraft for, oh, about 32 years now.
World-wide xtians are increasingly subject to systemic persecution and violence, including murder and destruction of meeting places.

Danny and Slog never note, let alone condemn, the bigoted hate inspired violence.
Evidently they condone it.

if a homosexual gets stiffed a three buck tip Danny and the Slog get outraged, and seek means to harass and economically punish the vile non-tipper.

Humanist moral priorities are inspiring, indeed......
@20: In what country are Christians being persecuted for their religion?
the couple should be stoned for using the word 'faggot'.

right, Danny?
@3: Not if it means setting a foot in Kansas.

sorry junior, not in the mood to play with you today, you ignorant little prick.

go to the NYT website and search 'christian persecution'.
@2: FYI - Overland Park is just across the river from Kansas City MO - so one would think the clientele wouldn't be so brazenly hateful.
There is no wide spread persecution of Christians around the world, and there never has been.…
@ 21 - almost every Muslim country?
The last table I ever waited was occupied by eighteen Baptists just released from Sunday Service at the First Baptist Church. They ran up a single check of $321.98 and tipped with four (4) Chick Tracts. Never, ever again.
21: China for one, but they don't like any religion getting too organized for fear of them posing a political threat, not just Chritians, and parts of Africa. I suppose you could include sectarian violence in Ireland too, but that's Christians persecuting each other.
Well Damn. I live here, and this is the second terrible story on SLOG about our area this week. The other was the IHOP (Internation House of Prayer) supporting the Uganda legislation against homosexuality.
It's an affluent area but it is a very conservative Red state. (My house got egged for having an Obama sign in the yard in '08)
I will go in and show supposrt, and maybe even mention how much of it he was getting on SLOG, in case he doesn't know!
I'm from Lawrence, KS - about 35 miles from OP. Lawrence is actually pretty cool - college town and all that. I came out as a teen in the early 90s. I have a sister who lives in Overland Park and is a Christian minister. I assure you, she is nothing like these folks. If I asked her, I'm sure that she would perform the ceremony when my partner and I get married.
@6, how did they know he was gay? Duh! They wanted to suck his dick. That's how these people tell -- it's the ones they're attracted to. Reverse gaydar, if you will.

@9, nice to see you siding with Westboro, after your previous fling with Alex Jones. True colors, and all that.
@21 and @29 - what about the Middle East where they're bombing churches?
Do the wait staff there wear badges announcing their sexual orientation???
29, right. The biggest persecution of Christians has always come at the hands of other Christians. That includes Rome. The violence between the Arianists & Catholics make Northern Ireland look like a summer cotillion.
This post fills me with hope.

@34 Correct. This guy might not have been gay. That doesn't make stiffing him any better; it just makes the stiffers dumber for relying on their faulty gaydar.
@33: True! But there is also a lot of bombing each other's mosques over differences of opinion regarding who was the Prophet's rightful heir, so I'm not so sure it's about persecuting Christians specifically, as it is a demonstration of the sort violent bigoted behavior that most religions display toward one another at one time or another. Hell, Buddhists just went buck wild in Myanmar a few weeks ago and burned a Muslim village to the ground. Buddhists! No one religion has a lock on being the underdog.
Nice effort by the troll to switch this to "It's Christians who are actually the persecuted ones." Different topic, buddy. Whether that's true or not doesn't excuse what these self-described "Christians" did.

I think it's so great that a bunch of people who actually follow what Jesus preached are coming to this guy's defense. I love the fact that the note from the haters has resulted in what is no doubt the biggest tips the waiter has ever received in his life. There's a good witness!
Dammit, Fnarf, you should at least try to make sense every now and then.
Holy cats, this thread is full of win, too many good posts to mention.

I would like to say (though it's not my word to use I'll type it once) "fagcraft" sounds like a beautiful term, to me.
The Church Of The Subgenius tells us that any sex that isn't missionary style in-out-for-reproduction-purposes-only actually spreads Yeti genetic mutation far and wide, turning one's neighbors into Subgeni, so carry on as you were!
I think it's interesting that their "good conscience" didn't prevent them from accepting his excellent service, only from compensating him fairly for it.
The version of the story that was floating around my FB feed (I grew up in Kansas City and lived in Overland Park for high school so still a number of friends there) had an addendum where other guests were coming in and specifically requesting that server's section to show support. Not all of that area is assholes!
Faggotry trumps bigotry any day of the week. It's laughable that that couple could leave a note that hateful and still claim knowledge of "God's Love"- or any other kind of love for that matter.

Ophian @11: This one's for you.

"Of course I am a faggot, darling. I am a flaming faggot, darling. I am fanning the flames of my faggotry." Margaret Cho, doing Karl Lagerfeld, fanning herself relentlessly (I'm The One That I Want, 2000).

Shorter 5280: You can tell someone's a fag 'cuz he looks like a fag.
@21 Pakistan
Christ, what an asshole.
@43 - That's glorious.
@48: Hey, Pridge. Been awhile. : )
I usually don't feed trolls, but I just saw this the other day and had to post it in response to @20 saying that Christians are being persecuted in other countries. While the troll is correct to some degree, especially in certain fundamentalist Muslim countries and China, check out just how many countries around the world are majority Christian. They aren't as persecuted as the troll believes:…

Dan, thanks for the link to the NALT project.
Should point out that it was a pair of pious fucksticks who did this thing, not the city of Overland Park itself. They were undoubtedly, like, from Lenexa or something.
Hey, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.
@49 - Hey! I know, I haven't been haunting Slog as much as I have in the past. It's good to see you. :) Life's been good, but busy, and I did get married on the 1st as planned; taking his name too, so going through that whole process.

All well in your world?

@54: Congratulations!
I like how they were more than willing to accept "in good conscience" his free labor, then eat the food and use the utensils he delivered to them with his sin-soaked faggot hands.
@50: And, for fun, I wonder how the typical country where christians are "persecuted" welcomes, say, gays and atheists?
It was definitely a personal note left for this one person in particular. So if the waiter had been of African descend, and he used derogatory speech in regards to his race, such an example might be easier to see that he was -- in fact -- fairly viciously harassed.

To be fair, that rule of thumb works pretty well for determining that you're a fucking idiot.
@57 or women...
Hey 5280-
You used to be a lot more fun and SLOG-like. The past couple years, your comments have become much more like SeattleBlahs in tone, therefore rather troll-y.
I hope nothing has happened in your life to turn you bitter? If YES, my condolences. If NO, then kinda sad that life and time have turned you so.
There is nothing more insufferable than a condescending pious bigot that feels their "advice" is more valuable than a few bucks to help you pay for groceries, after you've just waited on them for the better part of an hour. I know this and I've never even worked in the service industry.
@60: FTFM
@ 54, congratulations!
Christians aren't persecuted nearly enough IMHO. As a native american, I know the evil wreaked by that hateful religion. Cultural destruction, genocide, theft, torture and slavery are just a small part of Jesus' love for us.
@13. Dan and every other decent person should keep repeating it. Some religion is used as a front for hatred. Until none of it is (or religion goes away(, we should all keep repeating it ad nauseum.

@ 20. Christians are not being persecuted. Fact. Google that shit. When people keep telling you they are the victim, they are clearly the bully. Some christian leaders actually enjoy a very lavish lifestyle based on the sheepish tithing of others. Here is my favorite recent example, but it happens all the time and you know it.…
Well at least this time the pope put a stop to it.
Considering that waitstaff work for sub-minimum wage and their tips are counted as part of their wages for tax purposes, what those so-called Christians did was literally to steal his services. There's a Commandment about that, last time I checked.

Jesus saw that, you worthless fucksticks.
@26 Actually in Rome during the reign of some emperors there was "worldwide" persecution. However, that translates to something much less "global"
@54, Congratulations, Pridge Wessea? Are you saying you're going to be Pridge Somethingelse now?
@54, goddamnit, that first ? in @69 is supposed to be a !. My congratulations are not in doubt, though my mental perspicacity may be.
Pridge Wessea @54: CONGRATULATIONS! That's really wonderful. I hope your wedding day was every thing you wished it to be and I personally wish you (as well as your new husband) as much happiness as your lives can hold. : )

And I'm doing just fine, thank you. Good to see you around.
Mr Pridge - Good for you. I'd have done the same had the times permitted.

If you don't mind answering, do you know if the name change process is harder than for opposite-sex couples? (Or possibly easier than his taking hers; my best friend's son almost took his wife's name when they married, but there were too many unnecessary difficulties attached to that and they decided against it.)

Many happy years ahead. And, to combine threads, good luck getting your body into your desired shape. (I have just gotten down a little more than half the increase to my waistline attributable to my breaking an ankle in 2009, and can't quite wear most of my favourite pants yet.)
NALT seems fine at first glance - it's nice to see people actually seeming to have read the stuff that Christ seemed to be saying, which was basically "don't be an asshole." I did laugh a little when I went to their page, though - when I glanced at the large amount of logos at the bottom I read one logo as "The Passive Aggressive Christian Alliance" - I swear to God that's what I read the first time I saw it.
The Passive Aggressive Christian Alliance:

We aim to do as we please!

Evaluation by the Bullshit Patrol:

World-wide xtians are increasingly subject to systemic persecution and violence, including murder and destruction of meeting places.


Danny and Slog never note, let alone condemn, the bigoted hate inspired violence.
Evidently they condone it.


if a homosexual gets stiffed a three buck tip Danny and the Slog get outraged, and seek means to harass and economically punish the vile non-tipper.

More Bullshit

Humanist moral priorities are inspiring, indeed......

Maximum Bullshit

Posted by the humanist moral highground seems to be a cesspool on October 25, 2013 at 9:31 AM
@54 Pridge,

I'll give you the same advice every newlywed should get:

Dump the cake, it tastes like shit after a year in the freezer!

@54: Despite our feuds, I wish you and him every happiness!

your command of the expletive 'bullshit' IS impressive but we would love to see a few citations.

for example, can you share even one teeny tiny example of Danny condemning, or even acknowledging, any anti-xtian violence anywhere in the world? (remember; "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King, Jr.)

tens of thousands murdered for their religion is ignored by Danny while a three buck tip gets a post?

like you said, bullshit.......
Re 77, 'feuds' is really the right word - I don't know what the right word is - but I think you know what I mean.
@77, 79: "Differences of opinion" could work. So could "beef". Either way, it's good of you not to let it get so personal you can't send well wishes in between battles.
@34. My question exactly.
Congratulations Pridge ! Good to hear such fine news from you ! I wish both of you every sort of happiness !
Lissa, Matt, Fnarf, lolorhone, vennominon, Married in MA, and Raindrop -

I apologize that I haven't written anything until now, I honestly wasn't expecting such a wonderful response. Thank you all, I really appeciate all your well wishes.

Fnarf - I am not going to change my handle on here as this is not my real name. I know, shocker right? :) In real life tho, I have no love for the name I inherited from my father and my hubby's last name is incredibly dashing which makes my real name even more dashing. It's totally win/win.

lolorhone - Glad to hear you're doing well. The wedding was good, just a small civil ceremony. Me, my man, two witnesses (our family), and a judge. We looked the part though. :) I started choking up when he was saying his vows and then I turned into a puddle of goo when I started saying mine. It's so embarrassing, I can't even watch the video.

vennominon - So far the name change process has been easy for me, but I think 95% of that is because of the action at the federal level and the expectation that they're going to see these sorts of scenarios all the time now. It's greased all the wheels. I can see how a man taking his wife's last name would be uncommon, but one of my friends just did exactly that and he didn't have any problems with it. Maybe marriage equality has helped break down some of those barriers.

Appreciate your support on my journey. The hardest thing about it is being patient because it all adds up over time.

Married in MA - We had no cake and we were much happier eating the wedding pie than we were saving it for later. :)

Raindrop - I knew what you meant. :) Thank you for your congrats; you'll be pleased to know that my dog didn't have any role at all in my wedding. (And calling it beef is probably the right answer, thanks lolorhone)

"I turned into a puddle of goo..."

We had a ~200 guest wedding... Keeping my voice from dissolving into nothingness was sooo efffing hard during the vows. Fortunately my wife remembered the kleenex and at some point nodding can carry the day!

@Pridge, Married:

Either one of you read The Commitment ? At the ceremony, Dan ended up a weeping mess, D.J. laughed at him, and Terry called him a pussy under his breath. It reads funnier in the book, mind you- the point is just about everybody ends up a wreck whilst reciting vows and that's okay.

@85, @83,

Actually, this is the exact reason I chose the moniker of Married in MA. I was so unbelievably happy when I got married, and I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience that possibility. Not everyone is as much a hopeless romantic as I, but I can dream...

I have never met a single waiter or waitress who's liked serving the Sunday-After-Church crowd. None. They all say that this group of people is the most demanding, the most sanctimonious and hypocritical, and the least generous and honest. Cheap and mean-spirited has always been the descriptor.
re @78

your command of the expletive 'bullshit' IS impressive but we would love to see a few citations.


Okay, my precious little dumbfuck, cite something domestic for the bullshit statement below and I'll throw down as well.

tens of thousands murdered for their religion is ignored by Danny while a three buck tip gets a post?

Posted by Danny of Xtian Pogrom fame on October 26, 2013 at 8:57 PM
@87 It goes on to show that regular Church practice does wonder for the soul... One knows a tree by its fruits.

Imagine how wonderful your country would be if all those church-goers skipped their weekly vaccine of cheapness and mean-spiritedness ?
@Sissoucat - Thank you!

@Married - Here's to Massachusetts leading the nation. :)

@lolorhone - It's on my list, but haven't done so yet. I need to catch up with a bunch of Dan's books.
Congrats PW! Very happy for you and your hubby!

leading the nation in what?

oh yeah, adults living outside marriage.

you know, Marriage is disappearing in Mass.
@19 - I would like to join World of Fagcraft. It would be an interesting take on the mount system.
@92: We can't hear you from all the way over there on the wrong side of history.

good answer!

if your head is up your ass, at least.......


we prefer Russian. Vodka, that is.
@95, 96: Huh? What? E-nun-ci-ate! What? Shit! It still just sounds like noise!

That's right, the state with the lowest rate of divorce in the country


because it has the lowest marriage rate.

people who never marry don't divorce.

Marriage is dying in the Bay State.

homosexual "marriages" are maggots crawling out of the rotting corpse.

While marriage rates are low"-ish", MA isn't the lowest, even MS is lower for 2011. And, I stand corrected: recently (2011) other states are lower. Still, what we create, we tend to keep.