At a press conference at City Hall this morning, a small group of "Democrats for Sawant" will announce their support of Seattle City Council challenger Kshama Sawant. These aren't big wig elected officials, but rather party regulars, like former King County Democratic Party chair Daniel Norton, 37th District Vice-Chair Jeanne Legault, and former Seattle Housing Authority Board chair Yusuf Cabdi. You know, the kinda folks who do the hard work in the trenches necessary to get the big wigs elected.

And it's only the tip of the iceberg. For the fascinating thing about this race is how much quiet support Sawant has garnered from Democratic Party activists—and yes, even a few elected officials—despite Sawant's unabashed Socialist Alternative Party credentials. It's not the polite thing to do for Democrats to openly endorse challengers to Democratic incumbents—and Seattle is nothing if not a frustratingly polite city. But behind the scenes, Sawant has been getting a ton of encouragement and support from some surprising places.

The relatively high level of support Sawant is enjoying from the Democratic base is of course an indication of how credible her campaign has been. But it's also a sign that if elected, Sawant should have little trouble working with Democrats to help push forward her agenda.