Why Twitter's Latest Change Is a Bad Idea


As a long time twitter user that uses stripped down clients I'm ok with this. Whatever helps such a useful platform survive. I zone out when I see ads.
I deleted my Twitter account awhile back after having abandoned it for Instagram, but this still makes me sad to hear. The utilitarian simplicity to the look and feel of the interface was one of its best features...
Man, as a late adopter of every and anything, the second I get started trying something it goes downhill. Maybe it's me that's spoiling everything?
There is also the fact that it makes it impossible to use Twitter at work for those of us who have tight standards about what's SFW and rather draconian policies banning it. I can click away or scroll down before someone gets close enough to see my timeline if I encounter of with NSFW text, but images are a whole other ballgame.
Twitter itself was a bad idea.
I block any user with a "promoted" tweet, and then dismiss the tweet from my timeline. It's annoying, but doable.

And agree with #4 - I can avoid opening pictures in my feed at work, but not if they're already VISIBLE. Huge pain in the ass.
why are you following @KITKAT or did it just jump in by itself? I use twitter every day and never noticed any ads. I like twitter and seldom use any other famous social media. I deactivated facebook years ago and try to ignore stuff like linked in, google plus, foursquare, etc. ( I am a regular on woohim.com LOL)
I enjoyed the flurry of "If you're seeing this picture of Zelda's Link pregnant with Ganondorf's baby, it's because Twitter has changed FOR THE WORSE" tweets. I'll probably enjoy the new dick pics as well.
Yes, but what do the teens think?
What is this Twitter and why is it of any interest?
Also note that the pictures appear to be cropped to a specific size, trimming off the top and bottom. You can see it in the Kit Kat ad above. So you're not even seeing full pictures and have to click through anyway if you do want to see them.

I'm sure advertisers will start optimizing their images for the crop soon.

@7, unsolicited ads are starting to show up at the top of Twitter timelines, you don't have to subscribe to these things to see them.
I think you can turn it off, duder
"I understand that ads are necessary for these free services to operate." wrong. the internet is supposed to be free, open and anonymous.

but, twitter is simple text based and as such requires near zero bandwidth and a small server load. so it could continue to be ad-free, but . . .

also, twitter is shit.


Twitter's new look is a bit more akin to Google+ than Facebook to my eye.
Meanwhile, Facebook is looking at collecting data on "how long a user’s cursor hovers over a certain part of its website, or whether a user’s newsfeed is visible at a given moment on the screen of his or her mobile phone."
LOL @ twitter being fun and smart...