This Month: The First Legal Pot Plants in the Ground

Many of the pot plants that people will be smoking recreationally—and legally—next year are already planted. The reason why? Once licenses are issued next February, state rules will allow cannabis producers a 15-day "don't ask, don't tell" period where they may obtain seeds, starts, and nonflowering cannabis plants from anywhere, no questions asked. Many of those plants are growing right now, scattered across the state among the thousands of medical cannabis gardens.

November 18: State Accepts Applications

Starting on this date, cannabis entrepreneurs have 30 days to submit applications for a business license. The Washington State Liquor Control Board will review producer and processor applications as they come in, says spokesman Brian Smith, but it will hold retail applications until the end of the application window to determine whether it's necessary to conduct a lottery (if the state gets more applications than the number of licenses allotted for a particular region, the lottery will decide who gets a license and who doesn't).