These have been popping up all over Capitol Hill for about a week, and other neighborhoods, too—I saw some in Wallingford this weekend, and other people have mentioned seeing them around town.

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It's a great poster, right? Clean and crisp and straightforward and a reminder that we have a very Seattle-appropriate scruffy-bearded mayor. But perhaps it's a little too close to this:
Spotted at Archie McPhee on a tote bag.
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  • Spotted at Archie McPhee on a tote bag.
No? I mean, postering is part of the city's culture. It seems natural to have posters of a politician. It's just that there's already that particular literary precedent for giant posters of a powerful man's face. And I wonder, actually, if these posters cut down on jaywalking or other illegal street activity—remember that old study where people were more likely to follow the honor system when watched by even a fake printout of a pair of eyes?

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More importantly: Isn't the best poster on the streets this week this one?

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Come on, it's undeniable. The Big Freedia poster RULES.